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  1. I've got a 2015 2500HD , recently just got some 2020 20" High Country wheels. When the 275/65's wear out soon, I'd like to level the truck about 2" give or take (I know Krpyotnite kits say not to go over 2") , but definitely don't want to go over 3". In a perfect world, I'd get a Zone 5" and be done with it, but I'm trying to stay budget conscious since I am building a house, and I will have to re-gear to help the weakling 6.0. Long story short, I want 37's. I've seen guys on here with GMC's and the stock 20's from a 15-19 clear 37's with a level, spacers, Norcal, etc. I know the 2020+ wheels have different offsets/widths, and am curious to see if anyone is running 2020 wheels and 37's on a level. I am also running a Ranch Hand replacement bumper for additional clearance up front. Here's my thoughts: -Level Kit (Either a full Krpytonite kit or maybe SuspensionMaxx keys that can be turned higher, and do a diff drop.) If I get the keys, I'll still do UCA's and shocks. Also want to upgrade some steering components from Kryptonite for the weight of 37's. (Another reason I don't want to spend for a lift right now, $2,000 for everything Kryptonite offers) -NorCal Mod -HIGH quality wheel spacers 1.5"? (Wanted to avoid this, I've never ran them, but I think they will be okay if I buy a good brand and check torque at every oil change) -37x11.50 Nitto's Any opinions or help would be greatly apprecaited!
  2. Hey guys! Used to be on the forums a LONG time ago back when I bought my first 2016 Z71. Went through my young and dumb phase, finally got back into a green 2015 Z71 last year. Long story short didn’t have the most faith in the 6L80 in it, got tired of half tons and grossly overpaid for my current 2015 2500 back in December! early build 1 owner 2015 Silverado 2500HD, 6.0 L96, 4.10 gear, crew cab, 8’ bed, z71 110% bone stock! kind of a weirdly optioned truck. Has leather and heated seats, Nav, roof lights, etc. being an LT it doesn’t have a full center console though. (Yet!) truck was in immaculate shape so didn’t mind paying a few extra Pennie’s for a clean one. so far I’ve deleted a lot of the in-necessary badging the previous owner added, took off the OEM mudflaps and step bars, and ditched the 18’s with highway 265’s for a set of 2020 High Country take-off’s and 34” all terrains (fill the wheel well much better!) added window shades, chrome handles, B&W hitch, and 5% tint with 50 on the windshield and a 5 brow. scored a WC Fab trans cooler cover that was already powder coated white for cheap on marketplace so threw it on too, as well as a black UWS toolbox. Kind of stalling out with the build for now. I’ll be saving and doing one major project at a time. Here’s a long term plan (1 year plus) for the rig! -5” Zone Lift (w/ UCA’s) -krpytonite front suspension components that will work with Zone kit -37’s on the 2020 Wheels -rear wheel spacers to match track widths (front if necessary to clear UCA) -Ranch Hand front / rear bumpers -full LED conversion -console swap -new style towing mirrors -Thorley headers and full dual exhaust with cats -Custom Tune -4.88 Gears Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!
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