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  1. So update on the truck. The engine blew on me i took it into a mechanic and his words “its toast”… i have no clue what happend it was running like it has been running hot and cooling back alittle and i got a mile from my house and it just crapped out. So we’ll never know what happend why it was running like that she took her secrets with her i just have to try and find a motor now
  2. You might be right. I just dont know what else to do. Its not loosing fluid anywhere as far as i cant tell over all this time the stat is working the fluid seems to be flowing from what i can feel in the hoses i just dont know what is making it run hot like its doing
  3. So i had the truck on ramps in the front with the cap off let it get to temp and my fluid never bubbled or anything: all the hoses felt hot and could still squeeze with my hand. The heater core hoses both felt hot and i could squeeze them both the outlet hose felt like water was flowing through it. So i left it running put the cap on and the gauge started to go over 210 so i cut it off let it cool and took the cap back off. Do yall have any thoughts on this?? There’s something wrong and i dont know if taking it to a shop would help much i mean they will probably do what i am already doing and i dont know what to tell them to look at to fix it but its been doing this for awhile now and i just want it fixed.
  4. Yes i left the cap off just to make sure there were no bubbles and kept it topped off. When it got to temp the reservoir was full so i put the cap on and test drove it and thats when it was still doing what it was doing before. When it was at temp i felt the top hose that goes to the thermostat and it wasnt hard so i thought the stat opened up but maybe its just not opening. it still doesn’t explain why the temp goes back down when i let off the gas or slow down or when im idling the truck
  5. Ya its a head scratcher for sure. I dont have the ac problem though mine just does it no matter what
  6. Well water pump is on and still doing the samething… i just dont know what to do. The only thing i can think of is theres something keeping fluid from flowing. I filled the antifreeze and got it to temp test drove it and as soon as i got on the road put the gas down some to drive and it started overheating again and when i slowed down to a stop it went back to 210 and sat there. Turned around to drive back home and overheated. I mean could i have bought 2 bad thermostats?? I dont know what could be going on
  7. It really is haha im trying to stay positive about this whole thing but dang. Im going to go to the dealer tomorrow and hope they have one. Im just going to smoke a brisket i have out and drink a few beers and try not to cry about the whole thing haha. Check back with yall when i get the pump back together and go from there
  8. Well… went to torque the water pump bolts in and snapped one of the bolts off in the block… im so frustrated this whole thing has been a pain and i just wanted to get my truck fixed.
  9. Ok well im putting a new water pump on now and going to fill the coolant and going to make sure its filled and flowing. I just hope this works the only other thing i can think of is a new radiator and ive looked mine up and down from what i can see & theres no damage or bent loovers or anything so i dont know where the blockage would be.
  10. roger that. Ill do some looking up on there and do my best. Ill keep you posted when i get done and see if it worked.
  11. When i flushed it the first time i didnt bleed the heat coil. To be honest i didnt even know about that or where to do it. As far as loosing coolant goes my tank has been just under the full line this whole time so i assumed it wasnt flowing and im using orange antifreeze mixing half and half concentrate
  12. I agree. Im changing the water pump right now. When i drained the fluid out the section of the reservoir that says rear still has fluid in it. Isnt it all supposed to drain out when you take the drain plug out??
  13. It could be. Ive checked the oil and its not milky im not loosing antifreeze theres no leaks or anything dripping on the ground. I do know that when i cut my truck off my fans will run for alittle while after i cut the truck off.
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