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  1. So here lies the problem, if you are using amsoil and it doesn’t have the dexos spec required your poorly engineered tranny will go out at 60k miles, the oil will come back within amsoils spec so they won’t cover it and GM won’t cover the warranty so basically you’ll be sol or at the very least have to fight it out and since you violated the warranty agreement good luck.
  2. Yeah it’s a shame that’s how dexos works.
  3. I’m not saying it’s right but it’s reality . I’m not giving GM a reason to deny my claim. The dealer will use amsoil in older pre dexos vehicles as it meets the requirements for those. I hope the amsoil atf has the needed certifications to keep it in warranty since I’m a 30k transmission fluid change guy and would like to use it. Fortunately my trailboss’s tranny has been flawless with the stock fluid. amsoil is refusing to pay for the dexos certification from GM from what I have heard but don’t quote me on it.
  4. I’m not arguing amsoil isn’t better, I use it all the time but if your dealer says they won’t cover it Then why go through that head ache and they will void warranty’s on vehicles not using fluids with the proper certifications, you basically sign a warranty contract when you buy your vehicle that states you will use fluids with the required certifications. Now it doesn’t have to be GM oil just has to be certified. It’s funny because Walmart supertech engine oil is dexos certified so it won’t void the warranty and personally I want to stick with the factory warranty with the oil warranty as back up, it’s why I use Mobil 1 oil. If the atf meet cert, which it might because there’s no silly GM dexos cert for it, then by all means I’d use that over factory fill. Amsoil has a fantastic base and great additive packages, better than Mobil 1 in most cases.
  5. Have y’all talked to the dealer to see if it voids the warranty? I know my dealer sells amsoil but won’t change my engine oil with it because it voids the warranty due to no dexos certification. Wonder if their atf has the proper certain?
  6. I’m surprised nobody make a 2.7 turbo or a 2.7 HO badge for fender.
  7. I’m surprised these trucks don’t have built in programming modes for fuel economy, high torque applications and high horsepower applications. Seems like this could be easily accomplished.
  8. Mine doesn’t use any oil, also I like the new plastic pan, it’s a lot easier to service, the oil filter location is awesome too. If I were you I wouldn’t go by the oil change warning built into the truck. DI turbos are hard on oil. I’d do 3-5k oil change intervals max, and use a good quality synthetic oil (the m1 you used in the video is what I use). I’ve also noticed that most dealers and quick lube places short you on oil, often up to a quart. I’d keep an eye on it and see if it is really using oil. When I did my first oil change and put in 6 quarts it showed a little high on the dipstick so I’m not sure if a good amount gets captured in there? I watch my oil like a hawk and mine definitely doesn’t use any but I also have the new 2.7 ho engine so might be different? Judging by the auto quest oil filter you took off the previous owner wasn’t to concerned with the quality of the parts or had it done at a quick lube joint, I wouldn’t trust that the correct amount of oil was used but would definitely watch it.
  9. I had a 5.3 that used a quart every 1500 miles by 30k miles. They did the test, confirmed it used gobs of oil and said it was within normal parameters lol. It never got worse, thank goodness it has a low oil sensor. I’d think they treat the 2.7 differently, they aren’t known oil users so there must be an issue.
  10. Man it’s still in the shop! That’s awful! I hope they get your parts soon.
  11. I got to tell you guys, I picked up a new 2022 Tahoe recently with a 5.3/10speed in it with 15 miles on the odometer. I’ve been comparing the performance between that and my 2022 refresh 2.7 Trailboss and have come to the conclusion I like the 2.7ho Trailboss better. They are both pretty close in performance but overall the trailboss seems more solid and responsive. As far as the 10 speed goes I can take it or leave it I guess, it’s nothing special. Fuel mileage is worse with the e 5.3 too only by 2-3 mpg’s but it’s also not lifted with big tires like the trailboss. I suspect it would be closer to 5-7mpgs if it were a normal z71 truck. It’s an impressive little engine. Just have to see how long they last.
  12. Ok, glad to hear it’s not the 2.7 lol. I’ll have to send my oil in to be tested next oil change.
  13. My original TB ltd custom order was in transit status then back to pending shipping or something to that effect for I don’t know how long. I went out and found a new refresh model 6 hours away and bought it, was only a couple thousand more. I don’t think that truck ever did come in. They should let us pick them up from the factory lots.
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