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  1. I do have the Allison trany. How tricky do you think it could get?
  2. Thank you all for your help. I will be coming back and asking more questions as the time for the swap comes near (if the wife actually lets me).
  3. Will the 6.0 work with the Allison transmission?
  4. Are you talking all driveline part, ie: differentials and rear axle?
  5. What programmer would you recommend?
  6. Why would going to the 5.3 be a bad idea? What about going to the 6.0?
  7. I know I might get some flack for this but here it goes. I am thinking about taking out my 8.1 and swapping it for a 5.3. Just wondering if the wiring, or computers need to be changed. I’m mainly considering doing this because of fuel mileage and needing to find an oil leak that might be causing the engine to knock really bad. Any info that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.
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