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  1. My steering pulls slightly to the right I got the 2.5 motofab level kit front only and methods 17s on 33s ko2s I had them use new body style NON trailboss specs what you guys recommend
  2. Yea not interested in that electric shifter The column shifter is better imo. i see the connector shouldn’t be a problem or getting the plastics for the lower dash. Just that hole where shifter is supposed to be at will be there. A little tray that can be put in place would be nice
  3. 2022 Silverado LT I have a jump seat and has a connection under passenger seat i believe the center console versions are the same. Air vents and usb in rear will probably work and wireless charging pad too hopefully. But the thing is there will be a hole for the electric shifter is supposed to go can anyone fill in on that?
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