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  1. So was it as simple as removing the black BCM connector, finding the "1" slot, removing the plastic clip on the black connector and sliding in the pin on the grey wire from the door sill harness, then putting it all back together?
  2. I haven't started my install of these yet, but when you push the gray wire terminal into the X1 #1 port, are you getting the "click" sound when the terminal locks in to the x1 connector? This is what I would think would happen
  3. FYI, I’m trying to install these as well right now and another member on here has stated that the dealer instructions are not accurate. The plug in location is not accurate on that PDF. Check out this thread. Let me know how your install goes
  4. Im trying to install the same illuminated door sills on my 2022 Refresh Denali as well and this thread is definitely helpful! I do have one question though on how the wire harness that comes with the door sills gets its power. There is a grey wire on the harness that has some sort of connector. If I’m understanding your thread correctly, I literally just pull the black X1 connector from the BCM, open it up and push the connector from the wiring harness into the “1” slot? No t tapping or anything like that with this harness? Thank you for your help!
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