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  1. Most likely the transfer case encoder motor on the side of the case.
  2. You need a scan tool that shows individual wheel speed . You will find that one of them is dropping to 0 before the others. This is a sign of either a bad hub bearing or tone ring for the wheel speed sensor. Either way the fix is usually to replace the hub bearing that is dropping to 0 1st.
  3. Between the 2 doors you will have everything you need. On some models depending on options you made need to swap the door harnesses.
  4. The cable is a different length and will need to be swapped, there is also a metal bracket that is different that will need to be swapped.
  5. The sensors for the 2004 are different than the 2018 and will not work with your truck
  6. Sounds like a bad turn signal switch. The brake lights run through it, but not the 3rd brake light.
  7. Looks like Vent hoses. Most likely one for the trans and one for the front diff. Both should have a cap.
  8. Sounds more like a differential coming apart or maybe in the transfer case. But it shouldn't make a noise when not moving.
  9. Sounds like you have a wheel speed sensor starting to fail. You really need a scanner that shows individual wheel speeds and you will see at low speeds one of the sensors is dropping out and reading 0 mph, causing the ABS to think that the wheel is locked up and activating the ABS. It could also be the steering wheel position sensor failing, but speed sensor is more common for feeling the ABS activating. Either way you need a better scanner to either read wheel speeds or C codes. The scanner that the auto parts stores use for free can only read P codes and ABS and Stablilitrak codes are C or Chassis codes.
  10. The only purpose of resistors is to correct flash rate when in turn signals. Make sure you have the polarity correct, it matters with LEDS.
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