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  1. Ok. What would you expect for gas mileage? Is 3.08 rear end gear good or bad for a 5L motor? I am thinking this is a decent cruiser truck but not so good at hauling heavy loads or pulling a boat?
  2. What can anyone tell me about this combination? Decoded the VIN and this is what I have on this 1991 base truck.
  3. Thanks. I found a reference elsewhere on this site about cleaning the door lock mechanism behinf the door panels. I will try that, too.
  4. Just bought a well maintained 1991 truck. There are a few things I need to address. Any advice or direction will be appreciated. 1. Temp gauge does not register while truck is running. But, when I shut it off, it pops up to about 160? Go figure? Any ideas on this? 2. Power door locks will not lock driver door, but sometimes locks passenger side? It will also unlock passenger. Drivers door will not lock even with key? 3. Interior lights do not come on when door is opened? Also, you cannot turn them on using the dash brightness control. But, the lights over the back glass do work when you manually turn them on. I read that some trucks had courtesy light under the dash?

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