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  1. I couldn't agree more WilliamBos! I'm so glad I didn't wait for the new release of the H.D., it's by far the ugliest truck I've seen. The Super Duty is treating me well and I hope your Ram is doing the same!!
  2. I've been a GM owner my whole life and this list you compiled is the reason I just ordered a 2019 F-250 gas. I waited to see if these options were on the 2019 1500's and they were not, and usually they get the goodies first and then are passed onto the GM 3/4 ton trucks. Even if you compare a fully loaded top of the line GMC Denali to the offerings of F-250 Lariat (which is not Ford's top of the line truck), they don't even compare. I'm really disappointed with the current GM offerings, especially at these price points. I'm sure there's going to be others who are going to jump ship also and start to look at other brands. Just my 2 cents though.
  3. This is exactly what my transmission service person said to do while backing up with my 4l80e trans and the newer 6 speed is a variant of it. Reverse is the weak link on these transmissions. He recommended using the 4-low method also to help take a load off the trans. Yes, I'd agree making a tight turn in 4x4 is not suggested, but when straightening out, it's 4-low for me and no more problems.
  4. Couldn't agree more about the 6 liter being a dinosaur and I can't justify the Duramax option, especially between maintenance, the heavy cost of repairs, the Re-gen on trips, the cost of the fuel, the local shop not having a diesel mechanic on hand, the initial cost and not really a vast increase in MPG's. Yes, if the government didn't destroy the diesels of yesteryear then it would be a possibility. But in reality there's no reason that GM can't give us what the other manufactures are already offering in gas versions. And yes it's easy to say and I can already hear it from the keyboard warriors that think GM can do no wrong, just go buy a Ford or Dodge then, but that's not the point. We are and have been a GM family my whole life, even switched the Mrs. over from buying imports and she's been a happy GM customer also. Thanks for a glimmer of hope for those that said, we may see a new motor in the 4500/5500 models that may get passed down to us 2500 owners. I can only hope!!!
  5. Ok, I've been a GM fan for years. Didn't mean to bring up the Ford name in a GM forum, my bad, but all I'm saying is GM is getting surpassed by numbers and I highly doubt GM is going to sit back and let this keep happening(even an F-150 ecoboost has higher numbers). All I'm saying is just for one moment and take off the GM glasses and see there's other options out there and I'm sure GM is seeing that also. It's a simple question, "IS THERE ANY RUMORS OF A NEW GAS POWERPLANT ON THE HORIZION"??? I already know you're happy with your trucks, so that's a given, but if I'm going to dole out to close to $50-60,000 dollars on a truck, I want to make sure I'm getting the best "GM" option out there!!!! That's all. I'd be pretty upset getting a new truck and the next year they come out with a sweet Torque monster of a gas motor and I'm driving something that's been out for 17 years(H.P. and T.Q. numbers haven't increased that much in these years), less the newer 6 speed tranny. Thanks!!!
  6. Believe me I understand about the 6 liter being reliable, I have one. That's not my point, I'm asking if anyone has heard rumors of a new mill as to make a decision on whether or not to wait for the new unit. As I've stated I believe GM makes extensive testing on new mills and that's why I didn't mind being the first in line to buy one in '01, but at the same token I don't believe GM is going to sit back idly and watch the competition surpass them with bigger H.P. and T.Q. numbers. And I'm glad to hear others are happy with traveling in the mountains with their 6 liter, I'm not. Eisenhower pass in Colorado is a bear with the 6 liter and pulling a load. I keep my trucks for a long time and with Ford coming out with the 7-liter and already have an all aluminum body(I live in the rust belt), it's looking real good. I've also stated the diesel is out, as I'm not interested in them.
  7. I know we have to wait 'till 2020 for the release of the new 2500hd, but was curious as to if there's been any new rumors as to if GM is going to be replacing the 6.0 liter V8 in their future heavy duty line up? Very soon I'm looking to upgrade my '01 2500hd with the 6.0 liter, but I'm wondering if it's better to wait on a new gas powertrain or get some deep discounts on 2018 series models. Don't get me wrong the 6 liter has been a very dependable unit, but I've always felt it's lagged in the torque section, especially when pulling loads through the rocky mountains. I'd be willing to a chance of the first model, as I did when I bought my '01 and not interested in Diesels after the government made them so eco-friendly. Thanks for any input or thoughts!!!
  8. Another vote for Milwaukee M-18 and M-12 series for me. I'm in construction also and the industry shifted from Dewalt to Milwaukee because the Milwaukee is that good. You can for the first time get real corded power out of battery units and the run-time is incredible. They also have an extensive lineup from Mechanic tools to Construction tools to Yard tools and all use the same batteries. Hope this helps!!
  9. Thanks guys for the responses!!! I'll take your advice and just run the platinums.
  10. About to turn 200,000 miles on my '01 2500HD and I'm in the process of replacing plugs and wires. I can find AC Delco wire set for my truck, but as far as spark plugs, I can only find AC Delco Platinum or AC Delco Double Platinum. The plugs I thought were the best for these vehicles are the AC Delco Iridium plugs which I can't find anywhere. I looked at all the major auto supply chains and even Rock Auto and they only have 1 plug left. Is this not the best plug anymore to be running in our units anymore or should I be looking at NGK Iridium plugs as a replacement for the Delcos? Thanks in advance!!!!
  11. I had to take it to the GM dealer when I was out there and they installed a GM Re-man one and told me all the updates have been done by GM to take care of the problems of the past. I just wanted to double check with you guys if this is actually true and If it isn't, that's absolutely ridicolous that GM would still sell a non-revised transfer case! Thanks Guys!!!
  12. Hello All!! On a trip out to Utah last month I blew out my transfer case on my 2001 2500HD; which was kinda surprising as I did the pump rub fix a few years ago. They replaced it with a GM Re-manufactured one. My question is, do the newly Re-manufactured transfer cases have the pump rub fix already preformed on them or do I have to open up a newly Re-manufactured one to make sure it doesn't pop a hole in the future?
  13. Mine is the same as GrandPaul's situation. I've tried many different stations/brands etc. same problem.
  14. I hear ya, I never got a response and never fixed the problem. I just fill it by hand very very slowly!! It stinks that I can't just click the handle down to fill anymore. Sorry to hear you have the same problem also. I couldn't agree more Absolute CRAP design!
  15. Good question John!! I have the same problem with my '01 and I've been dealing with it for a while now. Hope someone has an answer to this. Thanks!!
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