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  1. For the record this truck has 165k miles and a lot of towing and daily driving year round. Starter lasted twice as long as the old 350...they went every 80k like clockwork Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. Connections were all fine. Changed the starter this morning all good now. Thanks for the advice! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. If you watch the vid it really sounds starter related. I will check the relay too Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks ill change it and let you know Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  5. Intermittenly my 2008 6.0 is starting with a pause during cranking. The battery is good. Is this the starter failing? See video below. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  6. Doesn't the escalade has the 6.2L engine? I think its a flaw with the 6.0L intake. ter getting in my truck this morning, and it idling terribly, I'm going to persue a fix on my own as well. I don't have the tools to smoke the intake myself, I might try propane or something. Let me know if you find a leak in a specific place. I'm also planning on getting an aftermarket tuner so I can add a touch of fuel at idle. At least that should help smooth it out... we'll see. Let me know how your smoke test goes. -Russ
  7. From what I undersant the GM PCM updates are cumulative, and I confirmed today my software is the latest. I'm going to try disconnecting the battery tonight to see if that does anything to help.
  8. Thanks for the bulletin. My dealer just informed me there is nothing they can do. All the techs that drove my truck, includin gthe service mgr insist that the truck drives "normal". Nothing "that is not a characteristic of that engine" is happening. Do 6L Corvettes have rough idles too? -Russ
  9. Thanks Hawkeye, the 2008 chevy 6.0L has VVT and AFM. its the 366hp engine. (L76) Vortec 6.0L VVT V8 SFI - RPO Code - LY6
  10. Thanks for posting the article, but my truck was delivered and has the latest software. The dealer has my truck now and same story... No misfire codes in the computer, no errors in the computer, so they won't do anything about it. I'm very frustrated. I'm going to ask them what the vacuum numbers were to see if they even bothered to check. at 3000 miles my truck - idles terribly, misses repeatedly...feels like the back two cylinders fire ever other time. - at RPM's less than 1700 or so, when I lean into the throttle the truck misses, which causes bad shifts occasionally. - Sometimes it misses hard enough that it feels like you are being hit from behind at red lights I have a fully loaded, gorgeous suburban, and I have to deal with an engine that runs this bad? The dealer is telling me its a "characteristic" of the engine. Yeah, a characteristic, and consitent desing flaw! -Russ
  11. My brand new 6.0L suburban engine is running terribly. At idle it misses bad enough that you can feel it shaking the truck. At part throttle on the road I can feel it miss. Often when I lean into the throttle for a downshift, it misses before/during the shift and the trans shifts harder/bad. Recently I also get a vibration over 50mph whenever the engine goes into V4 mode. My dealer on first visit about it right after I picked up the truck insists "there is no problem" because there are no error codes in the computer. I'm going to go back to him again tomorrow. I've had the truck for 2-3 weeks, I have 1000 miles on it. What do you recommend I ask for next? A compression test? I feel like I have a bad engine with a cylinder that's not up to snuff. Thanks for the advice, a new engine with VVT should not idle or run this bad. -Russ
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