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  1. Get used to that. It's more than one person...Every truck I've ever had was a magnet for McDonald's wrappers and coke cans. Somebody put a WHOLE TIRE in mine once when I lived in Denver. Now I'm thinking wingnut did it... wing, you would be surprised how hard it to get that s**t off after it drys. you'd be surprised wht else can destroy a cars finish. a milkshake was thrown on my moms hood of her camery, its peeled off the paint and clearcoat. also balogna can't spell it but the lunch meat. that's another evil trick... sillystring my truck land let me catch you, we will see what happens. :/
  2. Normally it won't...UNLESS you run it through a touchles wash. J/K man, find out who did it and hook a tow strap to their car and yank it around the school parking lot like a tube behind a boat. ROFL I can picture that in my head.. but pun that sucks I know your in canada but in america cameras are everywhare and at every school. ask ur principal to review the films.. find out who did it and charge with vandalism or distruction to property, canada has laws right? if not assymble a team find um, and deliver a Texas molly woop. Best of luck.
  3. well i pictured it difrently im my head but that will do just fine.. PIN it!
  4. Hi guys, I'm not sure if this has been done before, but iv been thinking for awile we need something like this pinned at the top of the forum. I'm asking everyone to participate. Hopefully a admin/moderater would agree with what I'm saying and pin a "final copy" of this topic at the top of this LD truck forum. The objective I'm trying to reach, is to cover all abbreviations and slag used here to elamanate " what does (insert) stand for?" and basically so new members or inexperienced people who join this forum know what the hell we are talking about. For example " I'm putting a new CAI on my NBS silvy this weekend. The OEM is garbage." I know when I first joined I was lost most of the time due to these abbreviations. So I'm asking everyone to participate due to the fact some know more then others. Feel free to edit, add, or correct any slag/abbreviations. If you got some your not sure what it means I'm sure someone will chime in and expalin. Let the list begin.
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