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  1. I actually ordered one of these for future use. But I'm afraid that somewhere along the install of the new battery or when the old one died something happened to EBCM.
  2. After changing out my battery I received this code. Is it safe to say that my EBCM is fried? Code is C0252 "EBCM Control Valve Circuit". Code was cleared but comes back each I start. Connections was checked and cleaned. 2010 Colorado with the 3.7.
  3. Does anyone know whether the specific part that is faulted can be determined if i bring to the dealer? If it can't I might as well save my money and just start replacing parts and maybe get lucky.
  4. I did that as well as clearing the code by a code reader. Code came back after starting truck each time.
  5. I just assumed it is a fault because on the DIC it specifys fault. Somehow during the battery change it either lost calibration in the system or fried something... Question is what exactly.
  6. Well I finally was able to get a code. C0252... Many things it can be, but at least I have something.... I don't believe it could be the module but not sure. I guess I will have to do process of elimination which could be costly. Any advice on which to start with? I haveve 0 ABS lights or issues, only a stab/trac light.
  7. When I put in my VIN # it gives a list of modules,ecms,ect to choose from. I don't see anything in regards to Stabili or whatnot. Not sure what I should be looking for. Lol
  8. Don't think so. This is a code reader that was bought online and not sure it's compatible with the link you sent since it's not oem.Although it does specifically say it clears all codes. bluedriver is the name of the reader.
  9. Yep battery was under warranty and no run downs since then. I know on that particular reader all codes were checked. I don't mind buying a hand-held non-bluetooth/phone code reader if it will indeed clear this fault. Just curious why the one we used isn't picking up anything. It's seems to be a very good device.
  10. Any idea what brand i would need? This is currently what's being used and its pretty high tech. https://www.bluedriver.com/
  11. This is definitely new to me and beyond anything I've experienced. 2010 Colorado 3.7 2wd. I experienced several mornings with battery drained even after charging so I install a new battery this morning. Immediately after starting I received a Service Stab Traction Fault. Since then i performed a reset twice as well as drove 20-30 miles. I cannot get this fault to reset. I also hooked up my brothers code reader and 0 codes came up. I've searched most of the day on something I've missed on the "relearn". The most odd thing is having no code on something of this nature. Any thoughts or recommenda
  12. It's actually the simplest location GM designed of previous years. However it's not the best location I might add. The air intake and the throttle body will need to be removed. Then take a modified Allen head wrench that had been cut down to allow clearance to remove bolt. The filter can be taken out with a pick tool. The only issue we encountered was the factory filter was slightly designed different than the one supplied by doorman. We are going today to the dealer to see what they have before going back with the filter. This is being performed on a 14 5.3... After this install we will be ch
  13. That's probably the correct one. Thank you so much for the info. Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
  14. By any chance could you provide the part number for #28 on that diagram? It is indeed a filter however the filter I ordered is slightly different. I just want to confirm. Thanks in advanced! Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
  15. I assume GM still puts a filter behind the sending unit. I guess I'll find out.
  16. 6.2 is the same location... I'm so glad it's not at the rear. I was dreading removing it.
  17. I guess i need to go check my truck out to verify the same location. Thanks man for the diagrams!!
  18. I have the 6.2 and my brother has the 5.3. He is saying it looks to be where your saying on his
  19. Every diagram,video, and photo I've searched for shows pre-2014 6.2s being on the rear of the engine. Can anyone confirm if the location is the same for 2014 5.3 and 6.2s? I'm wanting to change the filter. Thanks
  20. Update: Almost a month and still no issues. I think I can actually say I finally fixed the problem.
  21. Bump Either will work as long as it is rated to handle the load you expect to use it for. I believe on amp wire it actually states to be battery cable. I wouldn't go with anything smaller than 4 gauge on your battery cable though.
  22. most of the older trucks arent. Really didn't matter to me, but since the oem cable came loomed, I figured I'd keep it that way on my new cable
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