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  1. Thanks for the replies! I have to get back to this now that it's warming up outside. I have to get that black plastic piece off under the wiper arms. Hoping I can find the issue this time. What a PIA!
  2. I can't locate a rubber elbow near the heater hoses or anywhere on that side of the truck near the firewall. It only leaks when it rains so I'm thinking it probably is the seal under the plastic cowl. I'll have to remove the wiper arms to get the cowl off. Is there a set screw or something that locks them on them stem?
  3. What was the cause of the voltage drop? Dirty or loose connection?
  4. Sounds like an easy fix. I'll check it out this weekend and report back.
  5. I have a '96 Silverado K1500 that has a leak where water seems to coming in thru the firewall above or near the heater/blower housing on the passenger side. I thought it might be the windshield so I had that replaced and I replaced the weather stripping around the doors as well. Last weekend it was raining and I noticed a steady drip coming off the bottom of a hose next to the heat blower housing but I can't see the source of the leak. Any ideas on this? Thanks, Bill
  6. I have a 1996 K1500 Supercab with bucket seats in the front and a console. The drivers seat is worn through at the edge and rather than repair it I'm thinking of getting a set of covers for the buckets. The back seat is fine. Any recommendations as to make would be appreciated.
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