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  1. Installed a leveling kit and ceramic coated with Carpro C.quartz.
  2. Yes I know lol. My AT4 has tour/sport/off road/tow haul with the dial. I only mentioned 4 lo because someone said if you had that then you didn't have the off road mode or something like that.
  3. My AT4 has tour/sport/off-road/tow-haul. It also has the button for 4 low.
  4. Is yours the 5.3/8 speed? I have the 6.2/10 speed and have the 4 different modes in my AT4.
  5. You had this on a AT4? I already ordered it but thanks.
  6. In-bumper exhaust tips

    I think the 2020’s will be coming with black tips. I wonder if gm parts will sell them? Or if it would be more worthwhile just to coat them.
  7. If you have this kit on your AT4 do you have any issues? Any issues during installation? Someone said with the RC 2” leveling kit they needed 1/4” shorter bolts, just wondering if that would be the same with the Motofab kit. I would hate to get the front end a part then find out I have to go to the bolt store when this is my only vehicle at the moment lol.
  8. Mine is still on 509. Having issues getting it to connect and stay connected to wifi, tried using my phones hotspot but still no luck getting updates.
  9. Installed some emblem overlays on my AT4. I bought them on Etsy from DeVriesSigns. Haven't done much other than that. Had the Xpel Ultimate Plus protective film put on and the bed sprayed.
  10. image3a.jpeg

    My AT4 that I picked up a couple days ago.
  11. I picked up my AT4 a couple days ago, loving it so far. It has the 6.2 and the 10 speed. The red 2011 was my trade in. I don't have any good pictures of the new one yet unfortunately. Hard to believe the 2011 had a 6" lift, it barely looks any higher than the AT4. I'm going to miss the 2011 but there is no comparison with this truck. It's like I was living in the stone age lol. I have a set of black inserts ordered for the front and rear GMC emblems.
  12. 2011 Sierra

    My 2011 GMC Sierra 6.2L with a 6" BDS lift
  13. Hello from Alberta

    I have had the truck for 5 months or so now. Other than having to have the motor changed a month after I bought it she has been pretty good lol. Glad I had some warranty hehe. I havent done much, it had an aftermarket exhaust and intake already. All I have added was a nav deck and a back-up camera. Here is a picture of her today after doing some spring cleaning on her.

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