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  1. Why is this happening!!

    its looking a lot like holes on the way there
  2. not sure but the Navigation antenna on my 2009 Sierra is just above the radio on the top of the dash fits in a small recessed area , the panel below the windshield comes off and it was right there
  3. the Bluetooth is on the OnStar module , not part of the Nav rdaio. The 07-09 Nav had no USB but the 2010 up did so you could put a USB receptacle in the dash or glove box from the rear of the radio. do you have Bluetooth now ?
  4. Service Techs, would you adjust this?

    Just wondering if it pulled before you put the new tires on ? If it didn't pull you can start by switching the front tires from side to side and see if the pull changes . Other than that another shop that will change the adjustments to compensate for the pull ...
  5. 2011 alignment question

    try switching the front tires side to side and see if it still pulls to the right or now it pulls to the left after switching them . The one tire my have a belt going south
  6. Another vote for the Goodyear Gatorback there great belts
  7. If its the gear that's broke on the power fold you need to change the mirror
  8. I use my Dewalt Bluetooth adapter works good in the truck and the Dewalt work radio http://www.homedepot.com/p/DEWALT-Bluetooth-Radio-Adapter-DCR002/205512069
  9. Circuit diagram for shift lock solenoid?

    follow the link it will lead you too the upfitter electrical manual for a 2008 Sierra it should be in there https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/68/2008_LD_ElectricalPickupsChassisCabs.pdf
  10. That was some good reading explaning how it all works
  11. Best H11 Bulb?

    I used Silverstars a couple times but barely get 1 year out of them . Next change went to the Silverstar Ultra and got a little more life but not much I'm looking also for something that may last longer with more light output than the stock bulbs
  12. Have used Rust Check on m 09 since new and its still in great shape , basically the same as Krown Drill the holes so it gets everywhere it needs too but tell them to leave the plastic hole covers out, then where they drilled the holes use some white lithium grease around the hole and plug it in and it won't rust
  13. yellow headlights

    I'd start with P600 wet then P800 going to P1200 .... P2000 and last P3000 then buffing them with a foam pad and 3M # 06085 rubbing compound works better than any kit you can buy on the 1st quick pass with the buffer you will be amazed at the lens , the 3M 6085 compound is real smooth with no real grit in it but it polishes great Never used clear paint on any yet but if there is any discoloration still there after sanding the clear won't help to make it look any better
  14. Door Trim came off

    I'm pretty sure that i have one , send me a pm with the length and I'll check and see
  15. Glad you got it done... have Win 10 in my computer , right click on a picture or several of them and then in the menu that pops up click resize, my pictures are medium size, if its not in your menu that pops up right clicking google power toys for windows

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