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    Are those FOBs compatible with 2017 models? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Rental Car

    I've run into the same issue before with Chevy AND Volvo. Generally, loaners are a dealer courtesy. Sometimes it's necessary to schedule non urgent repairs around loaner availability.

    I can't judge my 2017 yet... at 27k miles it's been flawless, but it's too early to tell. If it ends up as reliable and as problem free as my 2008 Tacoma was, I'll be happy. At 185k, all I did was regular maintenance, tires, brakes, muffler and a $150 steering shaft. Pretty good for 10 years of ownership.

    I agree with the 67, 68...
  5. The more I look at it, the more I like it. It does look bad ass. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Floor mats

    Let us know how the salt stains are under the gas pedal. No protection there.. That's enough for me to stay away from the GM liners.
  7. Floor mats

    ^^^^ This! Husky X-ACT Contour are the best hands down IMO. Lifetime warranty as mentioned.
  8. I'm averaging about 17 mpg with my 2017 5.3 this time of year.. About 80% highway, 20% city.. Winter blend fuel and remote start warm ups has a big affect. This compared to about 21 mpg average in the summer months.
  9. I say go for a Tahoe/Suburban or a Yukon/XL if you feel you'd rather have more interior room, then buy a small utility trailer to haul leaves and stuff around when needed. You may not even need a trailer for many household chores as the back is pretty BIG with the seats folded up. That's the route I'm considering next time around.
  10. When I bought my new Volvo with auto braking, they demonstrated it in the parking lot using a cardboard silhouette of a pedestrian. So some cones or some sort of standing cardboard cutout should allow you to test it.
  11. My Gmc app unlock

    You can beat them down if you threaten to cancel it.. just like Sirius radio... I have the security plan right now ($24.99) for $9.99
  12. My Gmc app unlock

    That sucks... After my 5 years expires, I may subscribe just during the winter months to warm her up. It is convenient to be able to start the truck from anywhere.. like my desk! LOL!
  13. Anyone get an 18 Denali

    I believe the 2018's are STILL in production until the end of the year.
  14. Body panel alignment issues

    That's ridiculous. I expected and got perfect panel alignments on my American built Silverado. For over $50k, I wouldn't except anything less.
  15. I live in New England.. The Duratrac's as is are all I've ever needed for snow, and I've driven in some pretty narley snow conditions.

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