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  1. new truck inventory is way down here in MA compared to pre covid days..big discounts like before just aren’t there right now because they they’re selling everything that comes in.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. While I understand your frustration, you really haven't done anything except a new battery which can be expected at the 3 year mark. Have you brought it to another dealer or garage to have it looked at?
  3. Ride home was fine.. no CEL, truck was acting normal with V8/V4 modes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I ran into an issue this morning. I was on the highway going about 70 mph (flat terrain), the CEL came on for a few seconds (2-3 seconds), then went out. I noticed after that the truck wouldn't go into V4 mode like it always does.. It appeared to be running ok the following 20 miles or so to work, as I didn't notice any noises or power loss..it just would deactivate to V4..The CEL never came back on during the rest of my drive. We'll see how it behaves on my ride home this afternoon..Do I have a problem? 2017 Chevy 5.3.. 43K miles.
  5. Absolutely! Striped bass, fluke, black sea bass, haddock, tuna ...
  6. I picked up a gently used, 1 owner Boston Whaler 210 Outrage last week.. Great fishing boat! My 2017 5.3 pulls it around with ease!
  7. Not if the truck has a wifi subscription. At least that's how my 2017 operates.
  8. in my 2017, If you have wifi subscription in the truck.. it will use the trucks wifi.. same for the infotainment weather channel app or any other app that requires data.. no phone needed. It will not launch pandora on the phone if running via the infotainment app. 2016 may be different..
  9. Thanks Folks...I have been using it.. I was just curious about it.
  10. What exactly does 'tow mode' do? Is it just a transmission remap? I'm curious if there's a certain weight criteria when you should turn it on. I have a 21' Boston Whaler that weighs about 4000 lbs (approx) when loaded with fishing gear and fuel. Should I be enabling tow mode every time I haul the boat?
  11. I average about 19 mpg (75% highway) in my 2017 5.3 Silverado Midnight edition.265/65/18 GY duratrac tires. I always run 89 octane.
  12. The 'basic' service is just remote fob features from the app. I got 5 years with my 2017.. If you want to see 'vehicle status' ...mileage, oil % , tire pressure, odometer, etc from the app you need an updated plan. I have the 'protection plan'. It's normally $19.99 month, but when I call to cancel it, they give it to me for $9.99 month for 6 months at which time I call again and they continue $9.99 for another 6 months. It gives me road side assistance, diagnostics, remote vehicle status from my phone, as well as some crash response protection. As long as I pay $10 a month, I'll keep it for a while.....Much like XM that tries to charge you $200 a year.. I have them at $60 a year now.
  13. Key word is 'could'. Not if you don't fall for the 'extra' services that are not required.. I'll take the free oil changes and tire rotations every time oil meter reads 20%.. which is 6000 miles.
  14. I've been running 89 octane in my 2017 5.3 midnight DC since day one.. On summer blend (now) I average about 20.5 mpg (75% hgwy/25% city). Average highway speeds are 75 mph.. It gets to about 18.5-19 mpg in the winter. 10% ethanol here in MA.. I've also tried 93 octane and didn't notice a difference in mpg vs 89
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