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  1. Oil life indicator

    Key word is 'could'. Not if you don't fall for the 'extra' services that are not required.. I'll take the free oil changes and tire rotations every time oil meter reads 20%.. which is 6000 miles.
  2. Any tips to improve fuel mileage?

    I've been running 89 octane in my 2017 5.3 midnight DC since day one.. On summer blend (now) I average about 20.5 mpg (75% hgwy/25% city). Average highway speeds are 75 mph.. It gets to about 18.5-19 mpg in the winter. 10% ethanol here in MA.. I've also tried 93 octane and didn't notice a difference in mpg vs 89
  3. Oil life indicator

    I change my oil at 20%. It’s consistently been at 6000 miles. I get free oil changes/tire rotations and batteries for as long as I own the vehicle.. the dealer says bring it in at 20%. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Nav Upgrade

    I’m with ya on factory navigation. I have it but don’t use it.. voice activation never works.. with my iPhone I have 3 navigation options with apple maps, google maps and Waze. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I enabled the ‘check rear seat’ reminder as a way to remember to close the rear slider.. and all other windows for that matter. Not perfect, but I have it in my head to check all the windows when the message/alert pops up in the dash. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I've been noticing the brakes on my 2017 feeling a bit off lately.. Seems to need more pressure on the pedal to stop. Longer stopping distance. I was thinking it couldn't be the pads at just 30k, plus i just had them checked at last oil change and they were fine. I got the letter from GM last week.. I'll be having the vacuum pump checked out at my next service in 1500 miles.
  7. Software/App updates

    It sucks too in my experience.. The GM assistant can never understand what I say.. I prefer waze, google or apple maps right from my phone via CarPlay..
  8. Mid-sized truck logic?

    Looking for a 22-24’ cuddly for Cape Cod bay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Mid-sized truck logic?

    I owned a Tacoma before my 2017 Silverado.. I had the Taco for 10 years/185k miles.. It was the most trouble free vehicle I ever owned.. Other than a couple of front brake jobs, a muffler and regular maintenance, I had zero problems.. The only reason I went FULL size is because I plan on getting a boat this year.
  10. Floor Mats

    I use whatever car wash that I'm washing the truck with.. Stiff brush.. quick scrub, rinse, dry, done.
  11. I've had a few.. LineX, Rhino liner.. My friend did my Rhino and put ti on extra thick.. I'd say the GM is almost as thick. I'm happy with it.. The only difference I've noted is that it's more slippery than the other brands..
  12. Accident today :(

    In MA only structural damage (rebuilt totals) affect the title.. They get marked as 'salvage title'. Fender benders like the OP, don't affect the title at all.. Maybe CarFax report though..
  13. Accident today :(

    The OP's photo's don't look any where near totaled... skin damage at the worst..
  14. Mylink Software Update

    I've performed the mylink updates on my 2017 over the air.. I never used a USB stick.. I then set it to auto update.. Since then the SW has always been up to date.
  15. GM Financing - Early refinance

    Absolutely. At the time i bought, there were no additional incentives offered if you used GM financing.. The offer at the time was 18% off sticker on dealer stock. It didn't matter how you paid for it. You can get a great rate, incentives and all discounts and rebates, but they're all negated if they pork you on your trade. They tried to screw me on my trade of a 2008 Tacoma.. KBB/NADA trade was $8000 - $9000 , they offered me $3000... After I got up out of my chair 2 or 3 times, I got my $8500..

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