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  1. I'm curious to know if anyone has done a study on the build quality of an American vs a Mexican built truck. Paint, fit and finish,etc... I doubt there's much difference, but I was curious to know.
  2. Tire rotation question

    Ha ha.. I guess so! I never checked to be honest. I have 18.5K miles on the GY Duratracs and they are wearing fine and evenly. I always check the oil level after a service and so far it's been spot on. Hopefully the truck continues to run good and I won't run into any service issues. So far I've been able to get in and out pretty quickly for the oil changes, tire rotations and multi point inspections. What surprised me was that you have to get your state inspections done there too in order to keep the 'diamond advantage' active. I was there yesterday. All it cost me was $35 for the sticker. So the service was on them. That had to be around $80 or $90 for and oil change ($69), tire rotation(probably $20) had I had to pay for it.
  3. One year review

    Nah... when I wanna listen to loud exhaust I take my Harley for a ride. Lol.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Tire rotation question

    diamond advantage! Lol! I live in Worcester. My truck came from diamond too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Most useful truck mods?

    I have 3M on my 2014 Volvo. ZERO yellowing that I can see against the silver paint. My 2017 Silverado midnight has the XPEL ultimate (10 year warranty). If you own a Z71 with a painted bumper, filming is a MUST to protect the paint IMO and it should be done right away.
  6. driver info center and stereo

    I've had my truck a year and just in the past few days, I swear the DIC changed to audio display on it's own. I was thinking that perhaps I touched the steering wheel control by accident, but I don't think so. Did this JUST START happening to you? I'm wondering now if they pushed down a software update that's causing this. Like I said, I never saw this happen until a couple of days ago.
  7. It's not about the pulling, it's about the stopping. Small brakes on a half ton isn't going to stop a load like that quick enough should they need to.
  8. Tire rotation question

    Diamond in Auburn?
  9. One year ago today I picked up my 2017 Silverado 1500 DC midnight edition. Added goodies include: wall to wall husky liners and rear seat cargo box, AVS low profile window deflectors, OEM black rectangular running boards, Extang trifecta tonneau, and Xpel ultimate film. I have to say that after 18,500 miles, I've been very satisfied. I've had no problems, and the truck has only been back to the dealer for maintenance visits. I had one TSB performed to address the brightness of the backup camera and it was remedied to my satisfaction. Other than that, I've had ZERO recalls to deal with. The fit, finish and paint held up good through it's first New England winter. My only complaint is that CarPlay can be a bit hokey at times, requiring me to unplug and plug back in. The Bose system is over rated IMO, but it sounds OK. I really like the ride of the truck. AFM has been fine, I don't notice when it switches from V4 to V8. The 6 speed/5.3 has performed well for my style of driving. It has enough power and it shifts well. My over all MPG burning top tier midgrade (89 octane) has been about 20 mpg (80% hgwy / 20% city), so I'm happy with that.
  10. Are you sure an animal didn't make a nest and die under the hood?
  11. Good news from Apple

    Strange how it only affects certain folks. I'm running 11.3.1 on a 5s, and it's been fine.
  12. Good news from Apple

    You must have a problem with the hardware. Either the phone, the cable, or the head unit itself.
  13. Center console help

    Did you but it new? If so, return it for the correct one.
  14. try a local locksmith. I believe they may have the capability.
  15. So they covered 40% of the repairs out of warranty and you're complaining? I think covering 40% of it was pretty generous on their part.

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