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  1. 5startuning.com. These are the guys that broke the Tacoma code.
  2. I understand. Mine is a lease, so I can return to stock, and sell parts later (or buy truck). Im just not good with electrical stuff. Just an easier option for me, and they come at night. I dont really need a button.
  3. I dont want to deal with pinning, wiring and such. Just an easy harness that gives me fogs when I need it.
  4. Doesnt have to be linked, and its gonna be 400 anyway. It comes on auto with lights at night, or when you manually turn on lights
  5. The 5.3 w/6 spd auto can be tuned. 5star tuning is who I recommend.
  6. I like those aps brackets. I would get the cali raised pods, with side firing lights also.
  7. I actually had a chance to drive last night with the new Supernovas. Output was pretty impressive. Threw forward light at least 3 car lengths. Side output was about 6-7 feet of shoulder on passenger side. Excellent cutoff, and only one person flashed me, out of 500+ cars. Drove about 40 miles. With the brights on, it really lights things up!
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