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  1. I would just bring it to a muffler shop to see if it is plugged and if it is then replace with aftermarket one.
  2. The O2 sensor code is a good indicator that the catalytic converter is plugged I would also check the catalytic converter as stated above. I had this problem with a truck before and the dealership made me change out O2 sensors, spark plugs, did a full tune up and diagnostic. The bill was over $1000.00 CAD and the truck still ran like crap. I was so pissed off when a muffler shop technician figured it out just by sound, but a dealership with a full diagnostic machine couldn't.
  3. It depends on what wheel you have, some of the GM wheels have a recessed pockets on the back side. Someone on this site had posted pictures on a different thread. If you remove one of your wheels and look at the back surface, you should be able to measure how deep the stud can stick past the spacer.
  4. I have a 2.5" spacer on top with the same results. It didn't bother me too much at first, because it was only rubbing at full lock. But now I rotated my tires two weeks ago and my front wheel has a wheel weight on the inside lip that is making contact with the UCA. I'm thinking I will get a set of 1.25" BORA wheel spacers.
  5. I just painted mine with Plasti dip. It's been on there for two years, I'll post pictures later if I get a chance.
  6. I'm not hiding, I'm in Calgary AB Canada. I assume you work as a mechanic, or in the Auto industry if you have changed 2 or 3 of them. I'm not trying to argue with you and I appreciate your input. I'm not in the auto industry at all, so there's no doubt that you would be more knowledgeable and aware of problematic components. I know clutches are a wear item that will eventually fail, but under 120 miles would have to be severe abuse. I think the Auto transfer case works great and should last a long time if used properly. Just out curiosity, do you know what kind of cost to replace the clutches?
  7. My Quote didn't need to be fixed. The transfer case was designed by an engineer not marketed. Driving in 4x4 in mixed conditions can be very stressful on certain components, especially in tight turning situations (parking lots). This is my third GM/Chev truck with Auto, I live in Canada and drive in Auto quit often during the winter months. I have never had an issue. Everyone I know that has Auto does the same and none of them have had problems either. How can you compare driving in Auto to driving with brakes at 20%? Just because one guy you know had a problem doesn't mean it's a bad system and people shouldn't use it.
  8. I'm no expert, but I doubt that very much I don't think you can wear out the clutches in 120 miles unless you were purposely trying to destroy it or abuse it. I have heard of people leaving there trucks in Auto for the entire ownership of the vehicle (over 100 thousand miles) with no problems whatsoever. I definitely wouldn't recommend that either, but if you drive your truck properly it is completely fine to drive in Auto in mixed conditions. That's exactly what it is designed for. Try to remember to turn back to 2wd when dry condition.
  9. I have a 2016 GMC All Terrain (same 20" wheels but not chrome) I have the 2.5" Motofab spacer up front. I'm running BFG KO2's 275/60/20 It has a slight rub at full lock, it's barely rubbing the paint off of the UCA. It's not a problem for me, but I wouldn't want to run anything wider with the current setup. I have a crew cab with the standard box which can be challenging to maneuver in tight parking lots already, and wouldn't want to limit the steering. You can fix it with wheel spacers or different offset wheels, but you can also cause rubbing on the bumper or back of wheel well. Good luck with your setup and let us know what you come up with.
  10. My biggest issue with the factory Rancho shocks is the rebound. I feel like the compression stroke is okay for a factory 4x4 suspension but the rebound seams to have no control whatsoever. A good shock should control the compression and rebound stroke. I haven't replaced them yet but hopefully soon.
  11. Anyone know if the range is better, same or worst than the factory remote?
  12. Very clean install I wish they came from factory that way.
  13. Make sure you get everything properly inspected, my 2016 GMC also got rear ended in a similar crash. At first glance I thought only the bumper had a small dent. But the damage ended up costing just under $5000 Canadian. if you look at the gap between the tailgate and the fender panel it looks tight at the bottom. Same thing happened to mine. The entire passenger side of the box had to be re-adjusted, new bumper new tailgate and redo the clear coat to the back half of the truck. The damage is not always obvious. Good luck, I hope the insurance makes it right for you.
  14. The 3m clear stuff is specifically designed to offer rock chip protection, it's thicker 6mil. The 3m vinyl wrap they make in various colors only has a 3.5mil thickness as far as I know.
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