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  1. I had the same issue, liners were folding. Called, told me to flip them inside out over night. Didn't fix them. Called back tonight, they're sending me replacement liners which are a new part/design according to the customer service representative. Good on Weathertech for standing behind their products! P.S. I like your vehicles.
  2. For those that have had the bulletin repair done, does your seat feel correct after? I had the repair done, but I am convinced the seat is either crooked, or one side of the seat is higher than the other. I'm anal about my vehicles and something just doesn't feel right. My wife thinks I'm crazy, but that's pretty standard I can't put my finger on it yet, I've had the level out and the tape measure, but something just feels off now.
  3. Hi guys, I was having the exact same problem with my Denali. I took it to the dealer explaining it felt like a very, very bad imbalance in the rear wheels and told them to keep it until they figured it out. It took them a few days, and I just got the truck back today. The rears had gone out of balance and they couldn't get them to balance. They replaced them and the vibrations got better, but they are still there. Although, I know you mentioned it didn't feel like a balance issue, I wanted to chime in.
  4. Good info. I traded a 2012 F-150 Platinum (it had heated and cooled seats) for my Sierra - so I can attest to the heated seats in it. They were significantly better than my Sierra's seats. In the F-150, you could tell that they were on and had felt like they had been on at the highest setting during remote start, unlike the GM where you wonder if they're really on. So it is possible. I still like my Sierra better than the F-150 though!
  5. More than likely, most of your heated seats are working during remote start, but they are not cranked to the high setting. To verify this - after getting in your truck when it's been remote started, feel the passenger seat (if no one is in it), then reach back and feel the seats in the back (for you double cab or crew cab owners). You'll notice the rear seats are a lot colder to the touch than your passenger seat. They are on, just not on a high setting. It would be much nicerif they were set to come on at max setting during remote start... maybe a software update in the future GM, please?
  6. This. I traded a 2012 F-150 with the EcoBoost for my Sierra. I had this happen 3 times. Cruising along, then tromp the gas to pass or whatnot. Engine ingests water from the intercooler and misfires and the truck would fall flat on it's face. Ford's fix was to put a plastic shield over half the intercooler to try and keep the temperatures inside it up to prevent condensation. Nice fix...
  7. Bobtorious

    Camaro Back

    Thanks. I am, but I mainly just browse - the hive mind over there thinking that the Camaro is the fastest car on earth and can beat everything gets a little old, especially when your posts get moderated when you disagree with said mindset.
  8. Having just traded in my 3.5 EcoBoost for a 5.3... the EcoBoost seemed a lot faster - although I haven't pushed the 5.3 yet because I'm still breaking it in. On paper, it should be no contest - EcoBoost should drag the 5.3 up and down the road. But then again, it's a Ford, so who cares?
  9. Bobtorious

    Sierra Denali

    2014 GMC Sierra Denali
  10. Sure enough, I was using the FOB programmed to position 2. Switching FOBs worked. So, I programmed both 1 and 2 to the same positions like MotoMedic suggested. I hear ya GM-GUY, I'm 6'3", so I was a bit surprised when I hopped in and my face was about against the windshield Thanks for your help everyone!
  11. I picked up my 2014 Sierra Denali yesterday. I'm loving the truck, but am having a problem with the auto memory recall seat feature. When this feature turned on, when I open the door, it moves my seat ALL the way forward. I have to manually recall it by pressing "1" on the door panel. I looked in the manual to see if there is a way to program the position for the auto recall, but no luck. Has anyone else experienced this?
  12. Reporting for duty! I'm in the way South Metro, New Market to be exact
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