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  1. I had a similar issue on my 05 and it was low coolant and high pressure switch. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  2. I did a quick check of the lines and yes some of them have rust on them but not that bad. I pulled the check valve and it made a loud psst sound so I am assuming I had good vaccum. Possibly the MC is slowly going out. Debating that if I am going to change the MC I might as well change the brake booster also. Just kill 2 birds with one stone.
  3. The actual brake booster itself or maybe the check valve?
  4. Good Evening, I have a 05 1500 Silverado Ext Cab with rear drums (138,000) and I am having a braking issue that I am trying to diagnose. My current setup: Power Slot Cyro treated Rotors Hawk LT pads SS brake lines. I have bleed the system twice. First myself and then the 2nd time I took it to a shop. After the 2nd time, the brakes on the truck felt great for about a month or so but now the spongy brake issue has come back. With the truck off I can press the brake pedal and load of the lines and they will lock with no movement. When I do drive, I have to push the pedal father to the floor then before but the truck will stop. When I do press the brake pedal, I hear a loud hissing sound from under the dash when pressing the brake pedal. I have read that this trucks have rusty brake line issues and I am wondering that the rusted lines is introducing moisture to the brake system. Had anyone ever experienced this or any thoughts on what it could be?
  5. Well went and check the freon and looks like it was a little low. Just barely in the green. Added a single can and now it is blowing cold. Time will tell but hopefully this was it.
  6. Damn that is strange because I have washed the engine bay at least 2 times and never had an issue.
  7. Trying to get my truck ready for Carlisle tomorrow so I went oh ahead and used some degreaser on on my engine bay to clean it up. I covered the intake, Alternator, and fuse box. Lightly watered the engine bay, degreaser, and then watered it off but not hard. Engine bay cleaned up fine but when I went to start the engine, the AC compressor started making a really funny noise. It would make a loud sound and shoot out steam it looked like. Did it a few times. I then checked the inside of the cab and the AC was blowing warm. I let it dry off for abour an hr and it is not blow cool but not cold. AC compressor comes on and stays on (may cycle a little but still runs). Small ac line gets ice cold but I am not seeing any water drip out of the condenser like I normally would. All fuses in engine bay check out. Any ideas would be greatly appreciate because I will be on the road early tomorrow.
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