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  1. For what its worth, I have a 2018 Traverse and I love it. So does the wife and kids. If I didn't feel like I needed a truck for hauling I would have a second one or wait for the Blazer to come out which is the short wheelbase variant. My point being that you wouldn't be disappointed that it is the first model year of the new gen.
  2. I finally broke down and bought an exhaust, first one in 10 years. I went with the MBRP S5086409 single side exit for the 6.2L engines. It wasn't my first choice but I couldn't beat the price and I wanted something with the exit in the factory-ish location. I just wanted to note that all the videos I watched in the last several weeks do not do this kit justice. I've noticed a lot of people love it or hate it. I am very happy with it, sounds deep, everything bolted on nicely, little drone at lower speeds. I expected it to be louder based on the videos but its just right IMHO. Just throwing it out there. I will post updates after it get some more miles on it.
  3. I am going with this kit for my 6.2. I’ve heard it in person and rode in the truck. Little to no drone. Perfect sound IMO and stock look.
  4. I was planning on using the clamps to get it aligned then welding it myself. I too was not going to use the intermediate pipe for the same reason. Maybe I'll use that Dynomax muffler too. Any sound clips by chance?
  5. How did this exhaust fit? I might do this in order to prevent future arguments with the wife. Eye for an eye in my house so if I don't spend too much neither will she in retaliation... I can only imagine the damage if I bought a Borla kit.
  6. I was looking at Gibson exhaust for my 2017 6.2 but I noticed that the muffler is 3" in /out or 3" in / dual 2.25" out but comes with 3.5" pipes. What's up with that? Anybody else notice this or have one? The single in / single out metal mulisha kit has a 4" muffler but it is too loud for my taste.
  7. I have the rd2 20's. Lost a wheel weight the week after I picked it up. Drove me nuts.
  8. Mine came with plugs for the holes. The were in the console. Can always call dealer and tell them you never got them. Not sure about your dealer but mine wouldn't even question it.
  9. Just got a phone call. They are swapping them to the RD2 20's wheels I originally wanted. Feeling much better now.
  10. Yeah the high country that ended up with my original 22s was parked next to it. Same color and all. Pretty sure I want my wheels back.
  11. If he can't find somebody to swap with I will have him put the SEY 22's back on. No point of pinching pennies at this point.
  12. I wanted these originally but for some it wouldn't get on the build sheet. I haven't signed for it yet. Still trying to make up my mind before I do.
  13. Well not exactly a trade. They would take off the price difference. Regardless, I'm going to get something different. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one the was thinking this.
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