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  1. I got those messages on my '09 as well. It is a daily occurrence for 4 months here in Colorado. It's a bit more obtrusive in the '18. There are a lot of messages popping up when you're towing a trailer in freezing temperatures with a bluetooth phone connecting and a saved song being found when you first start the truck!
  2. Bilstein shocks thread

    Drove mine to the alignment shop this morning after moving from the 2nd to 3rd setting and I feel no difference in roughness.
  3. Bilstein shocks thread

    Zasker, I guess I’ll find out if I have the same thing. I’ve had my truck on the 2nd ring from bottom for the last 1500 miles. I pulled them yesterday and just picked up the springs after having a shop move it to the 2nd highest setting. Your experience has me a little freaked out!
  4. SOLD

    Got it.
  5. SOLD

    I’m out hunting right now. Back later this week.
  6. SOLD

  7. SOLD

    Call it $15? It all depends on the box I'd have to find.
  8. Thank you Anthony! I pulled the card and reinstalled and haven't noticed it again. I'm headed on a 2200 mile trip next week and I'll certainly keep an eye on it.
  9. Bilstein shocks thread

    To follow up on this for future searchers. I moved the ring to the second setting from the bottom. It yielded almost 1" of lift in the front. If I had to be precise I'd say around 7/8" or a smidge more.
  10. SOLD

    These are sitting on eBay but that auction ends this evening. I have no use for them so maybe someone here wants. Pay for shipping via PayPal and their yours. There are a few scratches on the install tabs for the grille but nothing that would be seen when installed.
  11. FS: Transfer Case Shield - 20922755

    Bump. I'd just like to get this to a fellow forum member that might have a use for it.
  12. GM part 20922755. This is the steel differential shield. New, including necessary bolts. This came as part of the shield kit but my 2018 truck already had the steel cover. $25 shipped continental US. Paypal, buyer pays fee or friends and family.
  13. My 2018 Sierra has just under 1400 miles. I’ve had a 128Gb micro usb in an adapter in the glove box usb with all my music. Today I noticed that all songs were showing three times when I browsed or used voice command to play a song. I pulled the usb and checked on a pc and there is only one file for each. I haven’t put it back in the truck to see if pulling it “fixed” it but was curious if anyone else has seen this. Search didn’t pull up any results.
  14. I never did watch the removal video again but, at the time, remembered having to remove a screw from the fender side and release all the clips for the painted part between the bumper and grille. Maybe it wasn’t all that much more than I had done.

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