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  1. LOL. I just figured out the pump thing a few years ago. I have two cars/trucks I regularly drive and the fill caps are on opposite sides. For years I never remembered which side. Now I look at that every time I fill up. How'd I go a lifetime to only find that recently?!
  2. My Ford Escape is full-time AWD drive, too. I'm betting there's a difference in the way it works vs 4wd in a truck. In other words, I bet the locked hubs on a true 4wd create more drag than a vehicle with true AWD. I'm sure someone can explain it. I do exactly as co-stark and ftwhite. I use the full-time 4wd (which probably the correct term vs true AWD) when the roads are patchy. I think my buddy meant don't leave it in full-time all the time. Just use it temporarily as you would 4wd high.
  3. I have a buddy who's a GM mechanic and he told me not to drive around with it in AWD for extended periods. I run mine just like you do here in Colorado on the roads when they're patchy. My buddy said it locks the front hubs and senses slip and engages when necessary. I still run in it AWD in those conditions. If it's solid snow/ice it's in 4 wheel high.
  4. I apologize for resurrecting an old thread but this is the only one I could find that relates in any way to my problem. The 60% seat would not stay in the upright position. It would start to drop back down on it's own. Using the last post here as a guide I found the "tab" wasn't staying in the latch cutout. I ended up using a dremel to remove some metal in the cutout until it worked. Of course, you don't need to remove much. I did that and then it wouldn't come back down. It was locked solid. It works better for sure but not like the other side nor like my 2009. I'm curious if anyone else since this thread started has had my issue where the seat wouldn't stay up and what you did to fix it.
  5. I believe it uses the Maestro until to be controlled by the steering wheel. I had that with a Kenwood head unit in my 2009. Each button is programmable. I was never able to get it to be the exact same functions though, overall, it was just as functional.
  6. Ah, thanks! I actually like the constant on the dash. I'd like to change the armrest (bench seat) to constant as well.
  7. Where/how is that changed? Maybe I missed it.
  8. I got those messages on my '09 as well. It is a daily occurrence for 4 months here in Colorado. It's a bit more obtrusive in the '18. There are a lot of messages popping up when you're towing a trailer in freezing temperatures with a bluetooth phone connecting and a saved song being found when you first start the truck!
  9. Bilstein shocks thread

    Drove mine to the alignment shop this morning after moving from the 2nd to 3rd setting and I feel no difference in roughness.
  10. Bilstein shocks thread

    Zasker, I guess I’ll find out if I have the same thing. I’ve had my truck on the 2nd ring from bottom for the last 1500 miles. I pulled them yesterday and just picked up the springs after having a shop move it to the 2nd highest setting. Your experience has me a little freaked out!
  11. SOLD

    Got it.
  12. SOLD

    I’m out hunting right now. Back later this week.
  13. SOLD

  14. SOLD

    Call it $15? It all depends on the box I'd have to find.
  15. Thank you Anthony! I pulled the card and reinstalled and haven't noticed it again. I'm headed on a 2200 mile trip next week and I'll certainly keep an eye on it.

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