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  1. Thank you Anthony! I pulled the card and reinstalled and haven't noticed it again. I'm headed on a 2200 mile trip next week and I'll certainly keep an eye on it.
  2. Bilstein shocks thread

    To follow up on this for future searchers. I moved the ring to the second setting from the bottom. It yielded almost 1" of lift in the front. If I had to be precise I'd say around 7/8" or a smidge more.
  3. These are sitting on eBay but that auction ends this evening. I have no use for them so maybe someone here wants. Pay for shipping via PayPal and their yours. There are a few scratches on the install tabs for the grille but nothing that would be seen when installed.
  4. FS: Transfer Case Shield - 20922755

    Bump. I'd just like to get this to a fellow forum member that might have a use for it.
  5. GM part 20922755. This is the steel differential shield. New, including necessary bolts. This came as part of the shield kit but my 2018 truck already had the steel cover. $25 shipped continental US. Paypal, buyer pays fee or friends and family.
  6. My 2018 Sierra has just under 1400 miles. I’ve had a 128Gb micro usb in an adapter in the glove box usb with all my music. Today I noticed that all songs were showing three times when I browsed or used voice command to play a song. I pulled the usb and checked on a pc and there is only one file for each. I haven’t put it back in the truck to see if pulling it “fixed” it but was curious if anyone else has seen this. Search didn’t pull up any results.
  7. I never did watch the removal video again but, at the time, remembered having to remove a screw from the fender side and release all the clips for the painted part between the bumper and grille. Maybe it wasn’t all that much more than I had done.
  8. I replaced the front and rear red GMC logo on my '18 Sierra yesterday with GM part 84395038 which are black. I'd searched this site for a while looking for someone posting instructions on the way to replace the front one but didn't find anything. For future searchers it's fairly straight forward. The emblem is held on with seven plastic clips and there's no way you can remove them without getting your hand behind the grille. I popped the 14 or so plastic clips holding the plastic cover over the grille/radiator under the hood. There are then four bolts you need to remove that hold the the top part of the grille. These steps are covered on the various youtube videos for removing the entire grille. Once all those are removed you can pull the grille forward enough to get your hand down behind the emblem. You'll have to futz around with those plastic clips using a screwdriver or something else to hold them while using something between the emblem to keep it separate after you detach each hook. You can figure out where the snaps are by looking at the new emblem. It took about 15-20 minutes to get those clips separated. I thought about trying to snap them off with some pliers but that would have taken about the same amount of time. I honestly don't think this would have been easier removing the entire grille. Removing the grille would have taken much longer than the way I did it. In the end, the emblem came off with some scratches to the tabs but nothing that would been if I decided to put it back on. I've attached a pic of the tabs on the front emblem.
  9. Seat Covers

    I just installed some CoverKings in my '18. I had a set in my '09 that looked the same after nine years. They fit so well nobody knew I had covers on the seats. I didn't get heavy material that would stop dog drool but they're pretty waterproof. I'm sure they have some more durable material than I bought. They're not cheap but they fit perfect.
  10. Bilstein shocks thread

    I apologize if this particular question has been answered but I've searched and searched and haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. I'm running stock tire size and have no plans to run larger tires. I put 5100's all around a couple weeks ago and love the ride at the stock setting for the front. I came from a '09 Sierra that had more ground clearance than this '18. I have 9" at the air dam and 10" to the step rails. The dam on my '09 is in the backwoods somewhere and it was higher. I don't want a full 2" lift and am contemplating moving the fronts to the .75" or 1.25" setting and adding another inch to the rear. I've seen numerous posts where the 1.25" setting is more like 1.5". I've found two posts where the poster has theirs at the .75" setting. One said it gave .75" and the other said 1". If it's 1" I'll probably move to that setting. I'd really like the 1.25" if that's what it really does.
  11. I found a Cooper AT/3 LT 265/70-17 in a C1 ply. In case anyone refers to this thread in the future here's my take on it. For reference, the Hankooks were at 35 PSI (unbeknownst to me) and I have the Coopers at 40 front and 38 rear. On road they feel very similar with maybe a little more squish on moderate speed turns. On rough roads and light wash board the Coopers are noticeably softer. It's not dramatic but noticeable.
  12. I have six with about 800 miles on them. I swapped them from my '09 to '18 when I traded it in. They're much harsher riding in the '18 Z71 than the '09 Z71. I got 70k miles on the first set on the '09 and they rode fantastic. I put two on a new Expedition trailer when I had it made last month. I'm swapping them all for C rated tires. Before I throw them on Craigslist I thought I'd offer them here to anyone in the Denver area that might want them. $100 each
  13. I traded my '09 Sierra 1500 in for a 2018. I had brand new (<1k miles) Hankook Dynapro load range E tires on the '09 and had them swap them to the new truck (17"). They drove great on the '09 and I got over 60k miles on the first set so I went ahead and bought the same tire. The new truck is definitely a harsher ride even after swapping out all four Ranchos to Bilstein 5100's set at stock height in the front. I'm sure that's due to the higher tow rating on the newer truck and heavier all around suspension. I'm running the E's at 38 or 40 and don't think I can go much lower without the tires wearing. I went with the E tire for rocks. Between me and buddy's we've had four tires fail on the some of the rougher rocky roads where we bird hunt. I never had an issue with the Hankook E's. I'm thinking about buying some C1 rated tires in an effort to soften the ride. They don't make D's in my size and I really don't want to change tire size. Have any of you done the swap from E to C? How much of a change is it? Also, for anyone with C rated tires, how much better are they for rocks than P rated?
  14. Traded for a 2018

    I got a build sheet sending an email as wforrest08 suggested earlier in this thread. It doesn't have nearly as many RPO codes on it as I remember seeing on the glove box sticker in my '09.

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