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  1. COMPLETELY RESOLVED!!! Spent half the day with an awesome Discount tire store manager today and truck rides as smooth as my 2018...if not better. here is how it worked: * Road force balanced all 4 under 13 * Switched to a Dynamic balance As he static balanced the 1st 2 times. * Replaced one of the brand new Ridge grappler tires as it had a high spot in the road force process These things as well as the calibration update (see my post above) last week have this dialed in 100% I was losing faith but I can tell those of you that have the issue to stay with it because it is possible to have these trucks smooth as butter all the way up to the 98MPH shutoff. Hope this helps someone else the way you all helped me out.
  2. The dealer told me my VIN was not eligible for the update attached but they “forced” it on.
  3. I too have this shake, it feels worst at 52mph and above. Nitto Trail Grappler 35/12.5/20 with hostile 20x10...RF balanced Twice with all 4 tires under 11. taking to dealer tomorrow morning for the service bulletin attached. I will let you know if it helps.
  4. Ive got the same hammering knock on my 2020. I had it side by side with my 2018 l5P trade and it didnt have it. I had the dealer pull another 2020 over and it had the same knock. I figured it was related to some of the changes on the 2020 but it really hammers.
  5. Thanks! I had the readi-lift keys installed for the 295/60/20 Ridge Grapplers.
  6. My new 2015...6.2l Iridium Cocoa/Dune 22" wheels with chrome inserts Retrax PRO bedcover GM accessory splash guards Tint
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