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  1. looks like a Toyota with a chevy bowtie on it
  2. Post Pics of your "Other" Rides

  3. leveling keys and shock ext. 35x12.50 michelins
  4. Post Pics of your "Other" Rides

    very nice!!!
  5. these Michelins ride as good or even better then the factory good years and handle excellent with a load, all though the heaviest load ive hauled with them is my 80 c10, was out in the snow and ice we had here last nite as was very impressed with the traction these tires have
  6. leveled mine with leveling keys I have 35x12.50 Michelins no rubbing issues of any kind, I don't off road any
  7. I have 35x12.50 on factory 22s with leveling keys with no rubbing
  8. i just had michelins 35x12.50 installed with front raised 2.5 inches clears fine no rubbing
  9. i live in ky as well and i had to go to indiana to buy mine, thousands less then in my area
  10. Bed Cover

    i have the hard hat tri fold i really like and its made in usa
  11. lift or level

    sounds good, is the diff spacers a big job to install?

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