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  1. how much better is the braking with this upgrade on the gm800, i have an 03 and considering swap ? also what wheels seem to work without mods, as i know my stock 16s wont work
  2. if I was in the market for a truck I would be all over that , and like mentioned before , ask and see what they say , you may be able to shake a little more out of them , I also have a question , I saw mentioned a few times in another thread that farm bureu members would receive a 500 discount , I saw where membership costs around 75 , would it be worth it to become a member to get a vehicle discount ? a little off the truck topic but I recently received a 2000 bonus on top of my 1000 current gm card points , and thinking of upgrading my 2 yr old Malibu , a local dealer is advertising prices 25% off and with the points its looking like I can be somewhere around 39 % off sticker, cost of upgrade leaning around 3000 plus taxes and fees, they don't hand out 2000 very often and don't advertise 25% off sticker very often either
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