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  1. Any one swap over their front turn signal to LED? I am very familiar with load resistors ect, but a friend was asking about their vehicle. Put LED bulbs in and of course hyperflash. I see the turn signal is a socket, instead of a wiring pigtail so no wires near the bulb to splice into. Has anyone used a certain brand successfully with a built in load resistor or? Thanks.
  2. Just wanted to post my experience with the 2020 Piston Caliper swap on a GMT800. My truck is a 2006 Z71. The swap went pretty much flawlessly. I have seen a couple of topics on this swap on the web, but nothing on a gmt800 4wd. ZERO modifications to the truck required ( with that being said I have 2015 Sierra 20" wheels, I doubt the stock 17" Z71 wheels will clear.) The only thing I had to do is get 4 washers, 2 for each side to center the caliper over the rotor, so the pads are not dragging on one side. Even the screw that holds the rotor on at the factory fits in the same spot on the new rotors... lol. Parts I used. 2019 - 2020 Silverado / Sierra 4 piston front calipers, rotors and pads. CHECK your own clearances, I do not know if they vary truck to truck, these are what worked on mine. The parts I got were a take off from a truck with around 5 miles on it... so the rotors and pads still required a little use to get them correct. Once I put them through a couple heat cycles, what a difference. I have yet to put new braided hoses I have. I wanted a fair comparison between the caliper swap. Hoping everything will keep working well with more miles put on them.... kind of a guinea pig here. LOL.
  3. Hey Bud. Just got done doing the swap on my 2006 Z71. Here are the measurements roughly. Front face of rotor to outer edge of the caliper is 2-1/2" roughly. From face of hub to outer edge of caliper is 1-1/2". If concerned about clearance add 1/16" to your figure. I have 2015 Sierra 20" oem wheels on the truck. Tons of clearance with these.
  4. I am one to vote for the shifter on the column. I have driven vehicles with the dial or push button, and it is just weird to me. I do like the push button start, keeping the keys in your pocket is awesome tho. Console shifters I agree take up space that could be used for other activities.
  5. He is an OK dude. Yah know... dont get his head too big now. ?
  6. 10-4. I appreciate it guys! I will see what Morimoto says... if I dont get anywhere I will order these ballasts.
  7. 10-4! So with these ballasts, I can remove the entire morimoto harness, just to clarify? And just run these off the OEM input, correct?
  8. Oh wow. So have to cut the plug off from the stock harness. If I go this route.. I could also cut the wires coming out of the boot from the Morimoto harness that went to the OEM connector and get another for the other side.. Then I could still keep the factory plug alone. Thanks for that.
  9. I thought the same thing.. first thing I did was check the grounds and the power terminals. All clean and on bare metal for the grounds. Checked the relay connectors.. every plug.... When driving and the truck actually on the driver side light stays on 98% of the time... the passenger side does not stay on at all... and if it does its no longer than a minute.
  10. What brand HID kit did you have installed? The morimoto kit has the anti flicker capacitor... ignitors... then to the ballasts. Just weird how it was fine for all this time.. now this. Here is a lay out of the kit.
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