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  1. I am one to vote for the shifter on the column. I have driven vehicles with the dial or push button, and it is just weird to me. I do like the push button start, keeping the keys in your pocket is awesome tho. Console shifters I agree take up space that could be used for other activities.
  2. He is an OK dude. Yah know... dont get his head too big now.
  3. 10-4. I appreciate it guys! I will see what Morimoto says... if I dont get anywhere I will order these ballasts.
  4. 10-4! So with these ballasts, I can remove the entire morimoto harness, just to clarify? And just run these off the OEM input, correct?
  5. Oh wow. So have to cut the plug off from the stock harness. If I go this route.. I could also cut the wires coming out of the boot from the Morimoto harness that went to the OEM connector and get another for the other side.. Then I could still keep the factory plug alone. Thanks for that.
  6. I thought the same thing.. first thing I did was check the grounds and the power terminals. All clean and on bare metal for the grounds. Checked the relay connectors.. every plug.... When driving and the truck actually on the driver side light stays on 98% of the time... the passenger side does not stay on at all... and if it does its no longer than a minute.
  7. What brand HID kit did you have installed? The morimoto kit has the anti flicker capacitor... ignitors... then to the ballasts. Just weird how it was fine for all this time.. now this. Here is a lay out of the kit.
  8. Gotcha. I will wait on Morimoto.. if they do not have any solid answer I will buy them. Just not sure why these are acting a fool... new ballasts.... tried igntiors... swapped relays to each side.. still intermittent. Worked solid ZERO issues for 1.5 years lol.
  9. So this system runs off being plugged directly into the wiring harness on the truck? If i get them should i just plug them into the system already there wired up?
  10. I just dont understand why they are acting this way. Insane. What part # hylux ballasts? I see a couple different ones.
  11. Yep... its a pain in the arse. Waiting to see what Morimoto says.
  12. Have not switched bulbs. I assume they are fine since they light... bulbs are usually on or off. Especially if both are doing it. Lol.
  13. Good morning, I have read some threads with people having issues, but I never really found one just like my issue, and a fix. Have had the kit installed since Christmas of 2017.. so 2 years. The issue I am having are the lights sometimes both work.. sometimes neither work.. sometimes one side works and the other side doesnt. I have replaced through warranty both ballasts past month or so. Tried a new ignitor in one side... no change. Swapped relays.... still works randomly. Checked the grounds at the battery and the other one.. made sure were clean and to bare metal. No change. Any advice? This is getting old... worked flawless for over a year and a half and now issues. Here is a video of what it is doing... Any help would be great. I Have emailed Morimoto... but I am sure they are swamped this time of year so may take a few to get back to me. This is with me locking and unlocking the truck to turn lights on or off. If I start truck and run it... turn lights on or off will do the same thing.. sometimes the lights wont come on at all.
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