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  1. Editing to blank. Just poking. Not trying to have a pissing contest.
  2. BUT, since we have off topic replies here ( guilty ) Sorry about the issue you had.... hope that it does not become a large issue and GM gets it fixed. I agree... I would not want my harness lengthened either. Just asking for problem possibilities down the road, 100% possible.
  3. Ha. Everytime I have driven a 4 cylinder this has been the case. Seems to not be an armchair "review". So say what you want, doesn't bother me.
  4. You can have your 4 cylinders. I dont care how much power it makes... or feels like a V8. The sound of 4 cylinder is is terrible IMO. I hear ecoboost V6 trucks running around with aftermarket exhausts and they even sound out of place. 4 cylinder.... nope. Every time I have driven a 4 cylinder car with a few thousand miles on it.. they rattle and vibrate and sound like heck. Nope. Hahah.
  5. I have a dealer connect, so i will see what I can get pricing wise. Thanks.
  6. Yes, this is what I was referencing earlier.... I ran all of these #s... not one to be found on ebay ect lol.
  7. Have a question about our 2014. I looked at all of the GM part #'s referenced to work for the 14- Early 15... and can not find a single cluster... plenty of 15.5 and up clusters on the web. So looking at the chart... the 2015.5 and up clusters will not work period? Thanks!
  8. So bummed this will not work with a 2014.
  9. Headlights remind me of a 2008-2010 Superduty. Side profile of the truck is amazing. I believe the GMC will be the best looking, based off the spy shots. We will see! Truck looks massive.
  10. Pretty happy with all of my exterior lighting now! Tail lights, license lights, reverse are all LED. Headlights and fogs are HID and now turns are LED switch backs. Digging it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsCURE48LiA
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