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  1. Denali cluster in SLT

    I have a dealer connect, so i will see what I can get pricing wise. Thanks.
  2. Denali cluster in SLT

    Yes, this is what I was referencing earlier.... I ran all of these #s... not one to be found on ebay ect lol.
  3. Denali cluster in SLT

    Have a question about our 2014. I looked at all of the GM part #'s referenced to work for the 14- Early 15... and can not find a single cluster... plenty of 15.5 and up clusters on the web. So looking at the chart... the 2015.5 and up clusters will not work period? Thanks!

    So bummed this will not work with a 2014.
  5. I think a modern smoothing on that design would work killer.
  6. Headlights remind me of a 2008-2010 Superduty. Side profile of the truck is amazing. I believe the GMC will be the best looking, based off the spy shots. We will see! Truck looks massive.
  7. Pretty happy with all of my exterior lighting now! Tail lights, license lights, reverse are all LED. Headlights and fogs are HID and now turns are LED switch backs. Digging it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsCURE48LiA
  8. We had ours replaced under warranty after a year of owning the truck... ours was whining real loud. I believe it's starting to do it again.. come on recall. hahahaha.
  9. Absolutely... I get and understand the use. I personally almost never need access to that part of the bed, since we have trailers and stuff its just easier. But for someone working out of their truck weekly or daily.... I am 100% onboard. My comment is more visual than anything. hahaha.
  10. Not really a fan at the moment of that side step.... but DANG I think this truck is going to look awesome. Those wheel wells thoooo.
  11. 2019 Denali...I'm quite disappointed

    Remember when the new C7 vettes came out, and had all the body panel alignment issues? Yeah the Vette forum was blowing up over that... lol. And those cars have a way smaller production #. I get wanting near perfection for that kind of money... but mass produced vehicles are all not going to be perfect. 95% of people in the market more than likely could care less... and I imagine for the other small percentage GM would just rather deal with case by case lol. When I worked at a dealership... you would not believe the amount of people who walked in and just signed papers on cars, no test drive at all. Literally just a seat test, get in.. close the door.. and ok I want it. lol. Me personally I test drive everything, just because it's "new" does not mean its right. LOL.... I used to find things on PDI inspections all the time.
  12. Laura GMC

    Man, they have a bunch leveled up with some 35's. Can't believe those 35's fit so well and look proportional on a leveled truck. LOL.
  13. 2019 Silverado Trucks at SEMA

    Finally got to sit in one at the SEMA show.. that black one in the very beginning of the video the fiance and I played around with. I was impressed with the rear seat room... I am 6'1 and round and fit great... my head wasn't in the roof and my knees were not jammed into the seat... and the front seat position was set to where I like it when driving.. so it was pretty far back. Overall the interior felt alot like our 2014, but simplified almost. The gauges are a bit boring to me.. but I get where they were going with it. Overall I liked it alot. Power tailgate was fun to mess with as well.

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