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  1. Yes they did, some had the round coils and others the square coils.
  2. Like the title says, when will we see the 2.7L engine option on dealer lots so I can go test drive one.
  3. That is the typical symptom of a failed pressure regulator, pull the vacuum hose at the regulator and you will see gas if it failed
  4. Heck, I usually go 120 miles before my gauge starts moving from full and this is in my 1999 4x4 6.0 gas but it has the 34 gallon tank : )
  5. I had all my gauges and odometer go out once and it was a ground wire that broke of behind the passenger side of engine on top. It is one wire that comes out of wire harness for coils and injectors put on a new eyelet connection and good to go.
  6. Yes can be done in vehicle pretty easy especially if 2wd, have done about 4 different gm vehicles.
  7. That's your oil pump, pressure relief valve is stuck open
  8. If it's a 2 wheel drive it's pretty easy to do, 4 wheel drive is way more difficult
  9. More than likely it is the o-ring where the pickup tube goes into the pump. At this mileage I would just put a new oil pump and o-ring an it will probably be good as new.
  10. That is incorrect, I still have my 1999 NBS 2500 and it says 8600gvw.
  11. Check your driver door sticker, should say 8600 gvw which was considered HD in 2000 since that was the highest for a 2500 in the 2000 model year .
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