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  1. Well I only have a mere 6,700 but it will be increasing rapidly from here on out as the secondary vehicle has died and this is all I have for transport now.......I suppose It could be worse. 1989 honda accord 210,000 miles RIP
  2. I woke up this morning with a bad hangover got a drink and watched these and fell off my chair OMG funny and real always love wal-mart just to go people watching. Thank you for making my day!!!
  3. I'm Irish so by Irish law i must drink Guinness and Jameson. Guinness is good for you!!!!!!!
  4. Nice truck ,I guess I really like the look of the reg cab long bed 4x4
  5. Absolutely flawless looking!!!!That looks sharp and clean,Great stance and looks tough!!!
  6. My six mini dachshunds the first one loves riding in trucks!!! Hershey cocoa,casanova,nestle,rudy,rusty,hershey nestle,hershey rudy on the prowl hershey begging casanova dancing casanova rusty casanova as pups hershey casanova nestle casanova rusty pups lazy dogs pose boys
  7. Just picked up my 09 GMC 2500 HD 4x4 on wednesday here is:
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