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  1. Traded in my Silverado yesterday on a leftover 2014 Ram 1500. So I want to say thanks to the forum for all the good info I've gotten here during my stay.
  2. I replaced drivers side last spring. I did'nt even know it was going. They found it to be a little loose on safety inspection and let me know. Right now the passenger side is going. It actually made noises to let me know and then today I jacked er up and sure enough she's getting loose. Part on order from rockauto. I only use Moog or Timken. I put both hubs on a Cadillac SLS of mine two years ago then the one on my truck last year and now the other side of truck probably Friday when the part arrives. I'm gettin real good at changing these hubs. I also now have the dreaded leaking transmission cooler line issue to deal with. Truck has 66k miles 6-1/2 years on the road.
  3. Got about 50,000 on original front brakes. Still going on original rear drum brakes @ 66,000.
  4. Yes I've noticed things that I felt are kind of cheesy on my 08. 64,362 miles and she's still solid goin down the road so far. Our roads suck around here for the most part because of the beating they take every winter. Not a rattle anywhere. Replaced a u-joint and a front hub so far. I'm happy with the truck at this juncture.
  5. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=117121
  6. [quote name=rodallg' date='Jul 21 2010, 02:04 PM' post='1038334' Is gmpartswharehouse the website? Or?? No, that is the sellers ebay id. Here's a link to his ebay store. http://stores.ebay.com/GMPARTSBARN/Silvera...d=p4634.c0.m322
  7. Thanks. I kinda like the chrome bumper. But I would love to be able to find the blue color match grill with chrome insert.
  8. I just want to say thanks to everyone here for sharing their knowledge and experience on this site, and to whomever is responsible for making this place go. If it were'nt for me finding this site I don't know if I would've even attempted to do this myself especially to an almost new vehicle. My truck looks 1000% better now than it did the day I bought it. Thank you all. ooops, forgot to cover up my plate.
  9. The two things that aggravated me the most were... Keeping track of where the metal clips go that attach the end cap to the bumper with screws and getting them back on the right way. The junction block. Getting it apart, figuring out where the purple wire goes, which I got wrong the first time. A few little things that will keep you from doing something that will make you mad... Make sure you have a soft area to lay the bumper down and work on it or you will scratch the bumper and the paint on your end caps. I scratched one of the old end caps somehow even though I laid the bumper down on cardboard. Leave the white plastic on the new end caps till after you have the bumper back on the truck. Just pull it away enough to reinstall the cap to the bumper. I did it this way and my new end caps are pristine after the work is done.
  10. All done. I hooked the purple fog light wire into the wrong terminal the first time around. Once I figured that out we was golden. The purple wire goes on the same side and just below a green wire if that'll help anyone out in the future. Lights on, it's time for some cold ones.
  11. Here are the two switches side by side, new one on the right. It just snaps right in the hole, plug in the wire, jam the panel back in and your done. It's cake. Even for me.
  12. Switch installed. I did'nt do any of the extra bs that the instructions say to take apart. I just grabbed the panel and pulled it out. Nothing broke.
  13. Lights installed, not wired yet. Anyone has any tips or tricks they can tell me for the rest of the job, please feel free to jump in here.
  14. Bumper on minus the valance, radiator support baffle buttoned up, fog lamp brackets in. I'm gonna take a time out to clean up all ther nooks an crannys on the grill real good before I put it back on.
  15. Getting there. Both caps on, bumper fillers back on. Bored yet? This is an adventure for me. Now I'm gonna read the instructions some more before I screw up.
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