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  1. I had a clear vinyl applied to the nose of my 2010 Sierra. 8 1/2 years later it still looks great and has saved me from countless chips. I love it because unless you are looking for it you can't tell it's there. Most tint shops can install one for you.
  2. its definitely doable. Our 3500 at work was removed when we installed the plow. It looks great removed!! Not sure how much work involved in it though.
  3. We had this issue with either our 2015 or 2018 3500 and had the computer reprogrammed at dealership last year and has been great since then...
  4. at work we have a 1500 with a 7'2" straight plow. It does ok. It's good for light duty stuff, driveways, small parking lots etc. If you are plowing anything of substance even half decent size parking lots get a 2500 or 3500. We use this truck mainly as a spare in case another breaks down. There is a BIG difference between the 1500 & the HD trucks. We have a V blade & extending blades on our HD trucks and they are the way to go. It is more money up front but lasts so much better. Another thing to think of is payload if you are attaching a rear salter to the 1500. It is easy to max out payload on a 1/2 ton truck.
  5. I've had mine on since 2010 and would do it again in a heartbeat. Seems like the factory paint chips from just looking at it but with the clear vinyl it has held up really well.
  6. I had almost 80,000 km on my Duratracs (275/70/18) when I got a bolt through the side wall and other than being louder than stock I thought they were great tires. I have a '10 1500 but have pulled a 8500 lb trailer and thought the tires handled that just fine. I've never had any of the issues you describe..
  7. The Duellers were factory on mine as well and I really had no complaints. Like Bushleaguechew I've been up logging trails and snowmobile trails with tons of snow - even while the tires were pretty worn out and was surprised how well they fared. I switched mainly to get a more aggressive tire... If you want better traction in the fields you may want to look at dropping to a 20" It will give you much more tire options...
  8. I'll echo what others have said. It's a great tire. Have had mine for about 70,000 km and still have a good bit of life left. They work great in Mud & snow. They are louder than stock but for how aggressive they are it isn't too bad. They do seem to be getting a little louder as they wear but still WAY quieter than a Mud tire. I run about 42 psi and found they wear the best at that pressure. The only down side is fuel mileage has dropped from stock by a few mpg
  9. I've towed about 9,000 lb camping trailer with my '10 Sierra 1/2 ton & a '14 Sierra 3/4 ton and I'd say if you're towing that kind of weight 3/4 weekends a month I'd go 3/4 Ton. The 3/4 is just built so much more heavy duty - brakes, suspension, everything. If you want to have your truck a LONG time, make the investment and go HD. I towed 5500-6000 lbs for about 20 hrs straight with the 1/2 ton and it did it no problem at all, but if you're starting to push upwards of 8-9,000 lbs you will really feel the difference in brakes and chassis with the HD. It just feels so much more planted and secure.
  10. I don't think it will fit. The 2006 & 2011 would be 2 different body styles and also bed size/shapes. Also have to be careful with GMC vs Chev because I believe their beds fit a bit different...at least on the 07-13 models.
  11. Sounds like a fun idea. I'm in!! I'm in St. Catharines like 08Z71Guy
  12. Sure did. My buddy that owns the trailer lives out there....
  13. A friend of mine loaned me his 30' camping trailer. Pulled it home with my truck. Decided to take one of the 2500's from work to take it camping though... Ended up taking a 2500 from work to tow it up to Mosport. Pulls SOOO much better with a 3/4 ton than a 1/2 ton!!
  14. Check out this write up. It's from a Corvette Forum I am on but you could probably do the same thing for a Chev or GMC logo. http://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c3-general/3632277-lighted-emblems-how-to.html
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