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  1. Thanks for the info, that's what I was looking for.
  2. I have a 2010 GMC Sierra Denali with the stock 20" wheels and stock 275/55-20 tires. No lift on the truck, all stock suspension. I like the newer GMC wheels, I was thinking of trying to find a set of new take-offs. Will the newer 22" wheels and the 275/50-22 tires fit on my truck? Anyone do this swap? Pros and cons? A quick tire size comparison says the 22's are just under 1" taller. Would the speedo be off or would the computer adjust automatically? Tire Size Comparison Specification Sidewall Radius Diameter Circumference Revs/Mile Difference 275/55-20
  3. My 6.2 has never had any issues, but lately it started stumbleing on a cold start-up. The idle speed falls, the engine shakes and then catches in a couple seconds and returns to normal smooth idle speed. It never dies, but if the stumble gets worse it will. Other than the stumble it runs great. No codes or lights on the dash. 63K miles with original plugs, should I change them? What else could this be?
  4. Does it all the time, hot or cold. Fluid looks good and full.
  5. So I've had this noise before while turning the steering wheel on my 2001 chevy p/u, the dealer replaced the steering shaft to a newer design. Maybe it was a recall, I can't remember. Now at 50k miles my 2010 has started to make the same type of noise. Not really a squeak, more of a rubbing noise that sounds like it's coming from inside the steering column when I turn the wheel left or right. Is it the same thing? Is there a way to grease it?
  6. This morning, I start it up and, no warning lights or DIC messages. I drove a couple of miles and everything seems to be working fine. Traction control and stabiltrack will turn off and on, something it wouldn't do yesterday. The snow had all melted off it in the garage overnight so I'm wondering if a wheel sensor or something could have froze up and stop working. It was a heavy wet snow and only 22 degrees yesterday so everything was freezing quickly.
  7. We got about a foot of snow today and I had to get out to P/U my son from work. Truck ran great just like always. Its amazing how well it handles the snow with the 20" Sierra Denali tires. I had to get in some really deep snow the snow plow pushed up in order to go around some stuck cars. I'm not sure what happened, but now the Stabiltrack and ABS lights are on and the DIC says, Service Traction Control and Service Stabiltrack. I tried restarting the truck and also turning the steering wheel to re-set the system like the owners manual says, but the lights are still on. How bad is it
  8. I've had one for a year or so and I love it. It's great if your carrying something. You don't have to set it down to open the tailgate, just flip the tailgate latch and the tailgate lowers.
  9. I'm on my 9th truck, many makes and models. I just like the looks of the GM products better. Having a GM credit card and getting a discount is just a bonus.
  10. I love my AWD SD. I had a AWD Yukon Denali and liked it so much I traded my 01 5.3 4wd for a SD AWD. 24K miles and no problems at all. Last year we had a 10" snow and I needed somthing out of a barn at the farm. Even with the wide 20" street tires and nothing in the bed it went across the snow covered pasture like it was only an inch of snow. When my wife needs to drive somewhere in bad weather I don't have to explain anything about switching the transfer case, she can just drive it like a car. The AWD is so smooth you would think your driving a 2 wd truck. When you hit some ice or sno
  11. Great write -up, thanks for taking the time to post it. I did this a few months ago to get my new truck to sit level. As he said, be sure to test drive before you put the hitch back on be sure it's the height you want. I started with the same holes as you used, but it was a little too low so I raised it up one hole. I use my truck with light loads most of the time, but when I do tow it would be nice to have some air bags to assist and raise the rear end back to level. Anyone do this?
  12. White Crew Cab with a Z7, you can't beat that combo. TRCM, your truck and boat look great. Here's mine.
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