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  1. So after being without my truck for over a week, the problem of service rear vision system was cleared, two weeks after and it’s back. I drove a total of 400 miles and the dam thing is not working. I’m at the point now where I am talking to the dealer to unload this thing. I’m done, 67k Denali, 2300 miles my dealer replaced the radio module and reprogrammed with all updates during the original repair effort,
  2. Dealer attempted update on mine, it failed, they replaced radio module, reprogrammed and updated, no additional issue so far,,except for a few more grey hairs.
  3. So I hand delivered the software installation directions to the dealer yesterday, and the feeling I’m getting is that they did not install the code according to the correct steps. It clearly states that damage cane be done if not installed in the correct order to a module, now the dealer is in my opinion scratching their heads as the head unit is blacked out, so they can not navigate to the screens required to initiate a correct update, in the right order. so now what?? They called gmc engineering.. still waiting an update.. 5 days now and totally disgusted, Any experience out there who could provide insight on what module they should be looking for? Or any other guidance, pretty bad when you need to school the place working in your 68k truck ”Several radio-related performance issues may appear if all steps are not completed when programming the radio on 2018-2019 Regal, ATS, CTS, XTS, Terrain; 2019 CT6, XT4, Blazer, Camaro, Colorado, Equinox, Malibu, Silverado 1500, Volt, Canyon, and Sierra 1500 models equipped with the Infotainment 3 System (RPO IOS, IOT, IOU). (Fig. 15) Failure to follow all programming steps will result in repeat repair attempts and possible control module damage”
  4. Update, dealer called, the shop Forman is working with Gm, they tried so more reprogramming, verdict will be out in the a.m. when I call them to see if what they did is successful.. personally, I think they skipped a step too..and will be hand delivering the instructions included in the link above if it’s still not working in the morning, my patience is growing thin by the hour..
  5. So I’ve included this in the ‘service rear camera’ post but I’m wondering if there are any GM techs out there can provide some guidance, I brought my vehicle into my dealership yesterday due to the error on the screen and also check my align,ent. They pulled the codes on the ecu and said there is a software update that will fix the error noted above, 1 hour later they reported that the truck is more broken now then when you brought it in. When the tech loaded the update, it appeared not to finish/complete. When they turned the key, the screen was black on the radio head unit, after 20 mins, they retried again, still appeared not to finish, and now the traction control light is now illuminated on the dash. And the radio backlight is on. They kept my truck last night and disconnected the battery in hopes that this would clear something??? same problem this morning,,go figure,, any thoughts? They apparently called Gm engineering this morning,, I’m awaiting an update, I’m thinking they overwrote other files or an ecu failure. Brand new Denali with 1800 miles.. not pleased.
  6. X2 just found original post for this, dealer has my truck now and I fear they made it worst. I had that error 2xs, then cleared after vehicle was parked for a few hours, I mentioned it today at the dealership and they updated a software fix and now the radio is dead, I’m totally pissed, 1800 miles on a new Denali 6.2 and have a trip planned for this weekend. In a loaner the size of my truck bed. dealer unhooked battery I guess hoping that a magical fairy will correct the issue over night, I’m thinking they loaded the wrong fix, or it did not complete properly and now the system is inoperable, will see what they say in the morning, not happy.
  7. Same issue here. Dealer tried updating software and now radio is dead. Wtf. Only 1809 miles. In loaner now,, confidence is not high. Blue screen happened 2xs.. dealer advised that they unhooked battery and will let vehicle sit for the night and in hopes this has some magical affect and corrects the issue. here we go....
  8. 2019 Sierra Denali 6.2l 1500 ultimate package - 1800 miles, brought back to dealer today for two issues, experienced a ‘service rear camera’ error with blue screeen on radio and also front tires are cupping slightly already. Hard error was observed when codes read on truck. dealer attempted to update software and it appearently did not work, radio head unit is now totally dead. Dealer reteempted and backlight on radio was present but still dead, left truck with dealer now in loaner. Totally pissed. anyone else having this problem ?
  9. Always a white fan until I saw Satin Steel. Like the color, had hood, grill , bumper and fenders wrapped in 3m.
  10. Anyone disappointed with the headlights on the new HD Denali's? My headlights plain old suck. Read several other complaints. Hearing there maybe a fix?.. Any tips or tricks appreciated. I checked after market lights, non have high low beam together. Disappointed in a 67k truck with weak headlights,
  11. 2015.5 2500hd Denali installed the backflip F1. 3rd truck with one. Awesome.
  12. Looking for a new/clean gmc Nav unit with harness if possible and antenna. Part looking for 22997866, 30gb gmc Nav nit with internal map Email me if you have one. Thanks.
  13. I'm thinking about a 2 inch level kit for my new HD. Since I tow with this truck, should I also have 1 inch blocks installed in the rear to prevent to much sagging in the rear?
  14. Bottom line, this is BS I'm no mechanic, but have driven a lot of gm vehicles, and this sounds like there is a serious problem.
  15. So here's the response from GM.. Not pleased as a long time GM customer... GM Customer Service Verified GM Employee Member 734 posts Gender:Not Telling Sent Today, 02:06 PM Hello Jeff, Please accept my apologies for my delayed response! I am sorry to hear of the concern you are having with the clicking noise when you put your truck in 4wd. I can definitely understand your frustration with the noise. However, after further research I do see that our engineers have deemed this "normal" for trucks to make this sound. At this time, there is no fix for this as it is not a defect. I understand this may not be the answer you wanted to hear. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you, Andraya R. GM Customer Care >>>>>> Please check out the new GM Owner Center at https://my.gm.com/ for more vehicle information! Reply Report Here's my response.. Enthusiast Member 15 posts 0 warning points Sent Today, 07:43 PM I find your response to be unacceptable as my neighbor has the same truck and is not making the same noise, base on your response, I assume GM will assume all liability if a catastrophic failure accures
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