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  1. I did the gmc performance exhaust on my 19 before it got totaled, I just picked up my twenty and not sure what to do either. I may just do the Borla touring... we will see. Your truck sounded good at idle.
  2. Nice walk around, owning both a 2019 and 2020, the Ultimate with 6.2L is a nice ride. I would however have to disagree with your comments on the tires, bottom line, they are horrible, and are quite frankly not safe in snow and no way would I even consider taking on a beach. They are a fine summer tire and that’s about it.
  3. Just picked up my replacement 2020 Denali Ultimate replacing my 19’ Ultimate that got totaled, originally planned on going with the BDS 4 inch lift but just ordered the suspensionmaxx, 2.5 level front and 1.5 rear.. Is this the right choice? on my 19, I ran a 2 inch Rough country with arc lever extender, and 1 inch steel block in rear. I plan on keeping the OEM 22’s and either going with a 305/45/22 same diameter as OEMs or a 33x12.5x22. anyone else out there do this setup? Any thoughts on the tire sizes above,? Really like the Nitto Ridge Grapplers. any input appreciated. Pictures welcome. jeff
  4. Me too but I was opting for the 4 inch vs six so I can still get it in my garage
  5. So went to a dealer to finalize a deal on a replace Denali Ultimate and saw this Rocky Ridge at4 loaded to the hilt sitting there. Long story short, took it for a drive, road way better the.n I would have ever expected. granted there is a price tag with it, but fairly close to my loaded Denali both with 6.2 and same options inside, any good bad or, ugly real world experience out there? need to see if it will fit in garage tomorrow.. any input appreciated.
  6. Thanks folks.., I started my search yesterday, I saw the carbon pro online, the only thing I’m not a fan of is the tow mirrors, I may just have one built and get it exactly the way I want, most around this area are “in transit” and no eta for arriving at dealerships, and the ones that are in transit, most do not have all options I’m looking for. I did find one exactly the way I wanted it, however when I called it was just sold in Alabama. I then thought I would check out the AT4’s, but I’ve been a Denali owner for years. This was my 6th one,
  7. He was driving a 90’s Jeep Cherokee, his driver side caught my drivers side as he attempted to swerve around a cruiser. His front tire ended up in his cab. He definitely felt it,,
  8. Ended up getting nailed by a car being pursued by the police, truck was officially declared totaled and is heading off to the salvage yard. Frame bent, cab tweaked, and all drive components are busted or leaking,, not to mention all the misc. body panels and supports.etc.. Truck definitely did a great job protecting me and my passengers. 60 mph crash. Starting looking for a replacement, same truck, ultimate with 6.2lL, dealer inventory in the northeast is low, looking for satin steel metallic, 6.2, performance, carbon pro, etc. what’s the order timeline? any thoughts on the diesel version? Seems to be more of those available..I’m not towing basically a weekend truck, this one only had 8k on it, btw the looser that hit me had no license, no registration and ya you guessed it, no insurance....
  9. Long story but a police chase caused a direct hit of the suspects car into the front drivers side at an estimated 60 mph this past weekend, I was at a dead stop. No airbags deployed, hoping this is totaled, appears the frame is bent as all gaps around doors in both sides look off, is this normal for airbags not to deploy? Of course driver had no insurance, no license and non registered vehicle, I will say, he is probably real sorry he hit me vs a Prius, truck took one for the family. We are all soar, but happy to be still standing.
  10. Currently running 0w20.. could be the pump noise, not sure, I’ll take a video and post tomorrow morning.. is the oil approved by GM? It has all and more certifications to comply with Gm specs,
  11. So I maybe crazy, but you know when you change your oil and when you start the engine after putting new engine oil in you get a quick lifter noise until the engine pressure comes up and oil flows throughout the engine? Well I get that noise every morning, engine must completely drain to pain and it’s like it’s got that noise of starting dry every morning after sitting over night, 5609 miles, I changed original oil at 3500, replaced with Amsoil Signature and Amsoil filter, i anyone else hearing this?
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