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  1. What kind of Wheel/ tire combo are you planning on going with? Truck looks much better with that front lift.
  2. Trust me, that whole tag bracket is going next. I think it's held on with rivets, so I hadn't messed with it yet.
  3. I got to put my tows on, it took three weks for them to finally arrive... anticipation.
  4. Well, you can bypass the whole steering wheel with 4 push buttons connected to wires b4 to b7 at the cluster. That ground out those wires when pushed. They'll do the same thing as the 4 ipc buttons on the steering wheel, but I THINK the cluster will have to be programed or swapedk, not 100% sure.
  5. You've gotta replace the steering wheel, clock spring, and get the ipc flashed or replace it as well. But then, you'll also have steering wheel radio controls.
  6. Best thing I can recommend other than power adders of course is front end weight and lowering the front down a little bit where the cv axles are just about horizontal. Also avoids potential tie rod damage. In the rear, bags of sand in the bed and springs clamps work real well.
  7. The light won't go out by itself unless you disconnect the battery for a while or clear it...
  8. Make sure they are getting a good ground in the valley cover and make sure the sensors are good, sometimes they are doa. And it doesn't take much to kill a knock sensor, a sudden bump will easily do it or using a impact wrench to tighten them.
  9. Do it yourself, click the link and enter your vin. link
  10. Ah, i forgot that the cam only turns half as much as the crank, 360 is correct.
  11. If you turned it 360 degrees, it'd be in the same position as it was, you turn it 180 to relieve the rockers that were loaded so as not to register false torque for those rockers that were loaded at 0 degrees....if that makes since to you.
  12. Good job, but I know you didn't put that k&n intake back on there so it can let more water in.
  13. Just let us know if a new o2 fixes it. As wrencher makes an excellent point.
  14. Here's what the gauge looks like my 2001 2500hd, and you can see what it indicates as being too hot, this being said, the hottest I've ever seen it is about 180 in the summer, unloaded.

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