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  1. Chrome wheels Should be covered by New Car Warranty. I had mine replaced and it was the inside that was peeling in different places. This is after I meticulously wash and maintain the Truck. I live in Ontario and understand salt use ect but the issue is that these rims should last 3-4 years before any peeling period. Dont believe that a truck with peeling rims is ok before 3 years. These things aren't cheap.....
  2. Just thought I'd share this letter I recieved from GM Canada today. I don't have this issue but I hope it could help others that paid for a repair in recouping your hard earned cash on an obvious manufacturer defect.
  3. I was really surprised to see this letter when I got home today. After seeing people complain on the truck forums about this I was worried mine might anytime but glad they're at least making it right for people that paid to have replaced. See letter below.
  4. I just picked up a new Yukon with what looks exactly like yours. I thought it was weird but just figured it might just be different from my11. Hopefully someone has experience with it.
  5. Just pulled the trigger on a new 2016 Yukon SLT premium edition. Was extremely nervous about trading my 11 Yukon Denali but after some major underbody rust this was a better move. Missing the 6.2 but the 5.3 gets the job done.
  6. All jokes aside I would be in tears if that happend.
  7. Congrats. Love the new White Frost option. Where abouts are you in Canada? I'm in Mississauga Ontario.
  8. Not sure if this helps I had the exact same issue same spot on my 09 LTZ. When they repaired they said they had to resecure the drain tubes again as they were slightly loose. Scary having water drip in that area. Maybe fiddle around with them to see if they're loose.
  9. looking back at that comment yes a loose caliper is serious guess I was just happy it didn't cost a lot of money to fix lol:)
  10. Had to leave a reply to revive this thread but I've searched all over the Internet to try and find out why there's a loud bang while reverse and Turning and clunky over bumps. The condition as many described here and it had me going crazy. I just picked up from my dealer and turns out it was a loose bolt on my front right caliper. With the loudness of the sounds I heard I thought for sure it was something serious but so relieved when they told me it was just a screw. Now rides perfectly. Hope this may help anyone else looking for a possible solution. Cheers. Car is a Yukon Denali.
  11. I thought I was the only one until I researched the cracked dash problem. I had a 09 LTZ 6.2 Silverado bought as a demo and purchased every option they gave me for maintenance. Dumped a ton of cash for services. When I found the Crack (out of warranty of course) they told me a GM rep will contact me. 2 months later I kept bugging and bugging. Long story short GM is brushing us off. After going thru ever layer of customer support including social media and having hope after they all told me they will be looking into it and are sure they can resolve it Only in the end to have them decline to help is so sad for people paying 50k plus for vehicles. What upsets me the most is they always give you a glimmer of hope that they'll actually help you out even on social media. Complete bs! After giving up and reporting the incident to the better business Bureau a rep from the "executive review board" contacted me and offered a measly $200 service credit. Ended up trading the one car I've ever really enjoyed the most because I couldn't stand looking at the Crack. Those offered $200 to fix the whole dash good for you for now because I basically got jack $200 won't pay to even cover that cost for me. File the complaints with the appropriate gov agencies and complain on their Facebook page. Understand one thing, the Crack is not your fault even if you use cleaning products on the dash. There is no amount of magic that can cause everyone's dash to Crack in the exact same places, it screams defect! Sorry for the long rant. God bless. Ps. Any social media reader please don't respond to my rant. I've had enough hopes that GM would make good on the defect. You guys got me to buy a new demo Denali for now. If that dash cracks then it will be quits for me and GM, never forget about the little man.
  12. I personally found they take it more seriously when you go in. That way there's no mickey mouse tactic being used. I just experienced my first purchase from an out of town dealer and dealt with them mostly on the phone. Never again shame on me for ditching my dealer that I've stood by for a decade. When I got in there to officially buy of course interest rates were different, some extra magical charges, too bad I really wanted the Yukon Denali. Do yourself a favor go in if you're not happy walk. I would have walked if I went in to negotiate. For you tho I think 31k ish is a good price.
  13. The certified pre-owned option in Canada here is 30 days 5000km exchange privilege just pay the difference. I just picked up a Yukon Denali and that was one of the benefits. Not sure what it's like in your area but figured if you can exchange for something on their lot to keep you happy. I totally get the color thing you want it to stand out. If you're straight out returning it don't expect any smiles or help for that matter.
  14. Sure missing summer alot these days:(
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