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  1. I've been considering buying from Laura as well. They have a bunch of 6.2 Denalis, and being from Wisconsin, it's not too far away. I also have airline miles from work that I can use to fly down essentially for free. I much prefer to communicate over email, and the sales folks have respected that and have been really easy to work with. They even gave me a ballpark on trade amounts without seeing the trade. Also, look at the discount on this one: http://www.laurabuickgmc.com/VehicleDetails/new-2015-GMC-Sierra_1500-Crew_Cab_Short_Box_4_Wheel_Drive_SLT-Collinsville-IL/2520830003
  2. I'm getting 10.4 running E85 according to the DIC. When I was using 93, it was above 14. 90% of my driving is city and short-ish trips.
  3. I have an All Terrain Sierra without any woodgrain. You may be able to order OEM trim parts out of one of those to put in the Silverado. This is a bad picture, but you can tell it's not woodgrain:
  4. Here is a blurry picture of my interior: Onyx single-tone leather with the console, obviously.
  5. I guess I should check in here. I got my 2011 All Terrain on December 30. It's black like the last several cars I've had. I love it so far.
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