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  1. Thank you for the info, I have found a source for both parts I need, they are a little more expensive than I was hoping so It will probably have to wait for a while, but I have the info saved now. Thank you, the picture really does this color no justice at all. In order to appreciate it, it needs to be seen outside in the bright sunlight. When it is overcast or dark, it looks Blue, when the sun hits it, it turns almost Purple.
  2. The only one I really have is the same as my sig pic This was the day before I actually bought the truck, so it is actually clean. I am really not much of a picture taking person.
  3. If my truck was a common color I would think about that, but since it is Laser Blue, I would have to buy way too much paint for such a small job and I would be charged for the whole pint, or what ever the smallest quantity he can get would be. Then I would have most of it left over and probably never need it. I do like the idea of color matching, just not in this case.
  4. Thank you, I will give them that number and see what they come up with. What you say you did was what I was thinking I may have to do. Does yours have the lock or is it plain? I was unable to find that P/N in any of the databases I have access to, but I know the dealer has a better source than I can find.
  5. Thank you for the recomendation, but...... Unfortunatly, that is the exact brand I will not buy. I wasn't going to mention them by name, but, oh well. I ordered one from them for my 2000 Silverado and it was grossly misrepresented. It was advertised as being Chrome plated billet aluminum, well, after about 6 months the chrome was losing it's shine and I could see traces of it running down my tailgate. Another few months later, almost all the chrome had flaked off and it looked like a total piece os $hit. Fast forward another year and it broke just like the original plastic one did. Imagine my surprise when I could then tell that is was cast pot metal, not even good cast aluminum. I have not even considered anything from them since. I don't remember how much I originally paid for it, but it was enough that it should have been a quality piece. I realize it is my fault for not complaining to them from the first sign, but should I really have to?
  6. I have a question for everyone, I thought GM made a chrome tailgate handle and bezel without the lock or backup camera. Both myself and my dealer parts guy cannot find these items for me to purchase. I want to upgrade my truck with these and don't have the backup camera and don't need the lock since I don't have a tonneau cover. We found a couple different chrome handles, one had no bezel with it and the other had a black textured one. I realize I could probably go with aftermarket, but had bad luck with a certain brand a few years ago and would rather stick with OEM. This would need to fit a 2010 Silverado 1500. Does anyone have or can someone find the GM part number for these? My truck came with chrome grill, chrome tow hooks, chrome door handles, chrome mirror covers, chrome tubular steps and chrome clad wheels. I feel the black tailgate handle just looks out of place and have always thought so, just trying to tie it all together. Thanks for the help.
  7. I can usually remove and reinsert the fuse and it will work for a while, but it happens again after a few days. I finally got tired of doing this and currently am just living with it not working. I was hoping it was maybe a wiring issue but don't see any way I can do it differently.
  8. Since this topic has been brought back up, is anyone having trouble with these light bars? Mine works sometimes and sometimes doesn't. Sometimes the running lights stay on, sometimes the reverse lights stay on, but most of the time the whole light does not work at all. It is out of warranty, so I am on my own here, but I just wanted to see if anyone else was having issues.
  9. They used to have really good food, but several years ago, everything went down hill. They tried several things to keep the business afloat, but the economy took it's toll. It is very sad to see a local icon that I grew up with close like that.
  10. I have no problems doing the electrical, just gotta make time, too many things on my plate right now. Work and my motorcycle are taking all of my time right now Wellivers used to be a world famous smorgasbord, but unfortunatly, is is closed. The business was sold and the new owners do not offer the smorgasdord, just menu items. I have heard mixed reviews but don't have any personal experience with them yet.
  11. I just got my light bar a couple days ago. Ryan, are you gonna come help me install it? J/K, thanks for the write-up and pics.
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