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  1. I pulled a packed to the hilt 6x12 from Ft Worth to Pensacola last December at the speed limit the entire trip, no issues and the truck handled it well as it should have. There was no excess heat from the tires and everything went well. You should have 0 issues but always be cautious when hauling/towing.
  2. Not in V4, it's very bassy operating in the torque converter range under moderate throttle. That coupled with being loud in the first place was drowning out everything in the truck. Had the 12909 welded in yesterday and it's still doing the same thing just not as obnoxious so it may be just an inherent property of the 3.5 inch exhaust. I may look into a J-pipe/Heimholtz chamber set up to quell the issue but I'm not sure if I want to hack the system up for something that may not change things. Overall the sound under full throttle is great, not wake the dead loud but very noticeable improvement over stock.
  3. Truck has the stock tune, AFM active. The drone I get is between ~1500-2000 during acceleration, very boomy and louder than the rest of the range. The drone wouldn't be that bad if the truck didn't operate most of the time in that range during traffic, which is most of my commute. The exhaust has the same volume in that RPM range at part throttle that it does at full throttle in the rest of the RPM range. Having a 12909 welded in this afternoon to hopefully remedy the situation.
  4. I just purchased and installed this kit with the included muffler, it's definitely loud and drones too much for me. However, for 185 shipped for a full stainless mandrel bent exhaust I can't complain too much. Plan on ordering a 12909 to quiet it down some. Shipping was quick as well
  5. Wasn't too bad, just used painter's tape to get a good line and used a cutoff on a dremel for the rough cut and shaped it up with a file
  6. 2015 Custom Sport 6.2, stock w/trimmed valance, just did a quick wash/wax with Adams Butter wax
  7. should be a D5S, if you pull the cap off of the back of the headlight it says the style on the back of the bulb
  8. Got the white truck in 2013, traded it for the car last March, got the new truck in December
  9. Traded my 15 SS auto for a 15 6.2, loved the car just not as practical as the truck
  10. The power with the 2.4l is acceptable, but the mileage was pretty good, averaged 27 per tank. If it was my daily I would get the bigger motor, but I wasn't a fan of the wheels that came with the V6. We both loved the space in the back seat and the adjustability of it but traded up to an Acadia about a year and a half ago. The Terrain was awesome but she wanted something bigger.
  11. Had an Access vanish on my white truck, loved it. Bought a new truck so I'm trying out the tonnosport roll up, made by access and got it for 241 shipped with price match at autoanything
  12. Gonna stay close to stock for now, wanna keep the power train warranty for a little while. Intake and probably new tips for the exhaust should work for a little while
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