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  1. I have Diode Dynamics SL1 LEDs in my 15 All Terrain SLT. Been happy with them! Much better than stock.
  2. I have a diablo tuner - only a 5.3 though, But have had it on my last 3 trucks. The way I understand it, the 87 octane tune doesn't necessarily mean you need to run 87, it's just a basic general tune - supposed to give a small increase in power and mileage, while decreasing the factory nannies. The diablo (93) tune is the performance tune, and requires 93 octane to get the most performance. I'd say load the 87 octane tune, and run whatever fuel you want. The computer will adjust regardless.
  3. Got about 6000mi on my nitto ridge grapplers, 33x12.50x20. Love em so far.
  4. Got my wheels/tires from Custom Offsets. Prices aren't great, unless you package both wheels and tires.... Then they give a huge discount on tires. Way cheaper than I could find elsewhere. No complaints.... Came wrapped up good, already balanced. Not a scratch on them.
  5. I go back and forth all the time. Sometimes e85, sometimes e15, sometimes e30, sometimes e10, sometimes no ethanol. Flex fuel engines are built to adjust to how much ethanol is being pushed through.
  6. I could never understand that. My '15 Sierra A/T came with "P" rated tires. Why would an "all terrain" truck come with passenger car tires. Lame.
  7. I was confused when I first got my 2015 too. My old truck, a 2007 Silverado NNBS had auto-fold mirrors, and when on, you just had to put it in park, and they fold. Never had to push anything on the fob. For the longest time, I thought mine were broke when they wouldn't auto-fold. Didn't know you now had to push a button to do it.
  8. Looks steel to me. The only difference in the leveling kit between the 2 is the length of the bolts they provide anyway. Aluminum LCAs are a bit thicker, so the bolts are longer.
  9. Sensing And Diagnostics Module. Looks like it's probably the airbag recall. https://www.trucks.com/2016/09/09/gm-truck-recall-silverado-sierra/
  10. Been running E15 or E30 quite often (whichever one I'm near when I fill up), or sometimes E85. I don't really notice anything in mileage or power, but I don't pay that much attention either. Lots of ethanol plants in my neck of the woods, so it's fairly normal. As far as I'm concerned, the more ethanol the better. Better gas for less money is a win in my book. Anything more than about E30 can eat up seals in some older vehicles. Although I ran E30 in my '07 NON-flex fuel Silverado quite often for 9 years and 100k miles, and never had a problem, and so do lots of other people around here.
  11. Not sure about the factory tint not providing any UV protection, but seems to me that any darkness of the window would provide some heat protection at least. Anyway, I had 20% put on my front 2, same as I have with about every vehicle I've owned. Matches the factory tint in the back. Technically it's illegal where I live. Legal limit is 35% on front 2 windows, but I've never had a problem on the last 10 or so vehicles I've owned. Just got my wife a new Acadia, and feels weird driving it with no tint yet. That will be going in soon to get the same thing done.
  12. I just ordered these the other day https://www.etsy.com/listing/259147391/non-domed-gmc-sierra-emblem-overlays?ref=shop_home_active_2 Haven't gotten them yet though, so not sure how they'll hold up.
  13. I believe they all come with 20% on the back, so I just tinted my front sides 20% to match (matches perfectly). This is what I've done with every vehicle I've owned in a long time. I think most all factory tint is 20% in the back, since it has to comply with all state laws. Technically where I am (SD), legal limit on front side windows is 35%, so my 20% is illegal, but have never had a problem. Didn't do any windshield tint
  14. I have the same problem. 2015 Sierra with LG G5. I can put it on "Media" and open pandora on my phone and it works just fine. But if I open pandora on the intellilink, it opens in accessory mode on my phone (normal), and the screen shows it's playing. Everything works as normal, only no audio. My G4 worked fine. I've tried everything I can think of ...no luck.
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