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  1. Thanks for your reply. Feel a bit better its not just me.
  2. I have a 2020 gmc sierra sle 5.3 and the ten speed and I find second gear a little slow to engage compared to all other gears. Anyone else find that. It seems fine though if I hit the throttle a little harder than normal. I don't have a heavy foot lol
  3. No reason for you guys to complain about old software. My 2020 is on v135 and it is from January 2014. Wtf.
  4. Brake lights are incandescent but the driving lights are. Kind of strange.
  5. Thanks for the replies but after closer inspection, I have the turn signals are incandescent and the lights are led. Kind of strange to have both in same enclosure.
  6. It is brand new off the lot. Just not sure if the sle is not supposed to have led but a misprint on my window sticker or custom order with it.
  7. Part of the package I guess. When I do a build on the gmc website, it also shows it is supposed to have led
  8. was curious if the sle with the Kodiak package is supposed to have led tail lights. According to my window sticker, I am supposed to have it but I only have incandescent lights. I guess nothing I can do about that right.
  9. You will be spending money for nothing. I was also one that really wanted to know when I v4 too but that only lasted a few days and could not care less anymore. You can feel it going in and out if you pay attention.
  10. opps. My bad. I went with the gmc because I did not like the all aluminium body of the ford. Also with the recent problems with Dodge front ends is why I did not even look at them.
  11. I went with the gmc because of the auto 4x4. From what I can tell, can't get it in the chev.
  12. If you have the vin number go here and check. http://www.compnine.com/vid.php
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