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    2018 Z71 Crewcab
  1. My 2018, to replace the 2010 that got stolen from this exact spot.
  2. Plasti dip or wheel skins?

    I just returned a black set because I didn’t like the way they attached. There is an expanding lock in the middle and clips that go behind the lug nuts but nothing to fasten it on the outer edges. It pulled away very easily and I was afraid that driving it would cause it to rattle and scratch the wheel behind it. They looked pretty good though.
  3. 305/60/18?

    Thanks. Maybe some 1/2" spacers will help?
  4. 305/60/18?

    Anybody running 305/60/18's on stock wheels with a 2" level? Will they work or do I need to move up to a 2.5"? I tried to search and couldn't find anything. Thanks.
  5. All you 3.08 guys

    Still running stock 265/65/18's. Thinking about going to 305/50/20's when the stockers finally need replacing. Dont want to go too tall.

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