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  1. I went with the borla and love it. 1 of my buds deleted his and it sounds pretty good but yea it sounds like it has no muffler just loud. another friend installed the super 10 and I love how it sounds. Its a lot throatier then the muffler delete and for 60 bux you cant go wrong. amazing for such a tiny muffler!
  2. Probably because it is just so different compared to the factory bumper. every person that walked by as I was doing this that currently has a gmt800 vowed they are doing this, guess maybe it looks better in person.
  3. watch out for cold piston slap on 99 too 03's I believe. its harmless just really aggravating. my vote would be 05-07
  4. theres a screen under the sensor that plugs up. u need to remove the sensor clean the screen and voila fixed. very common problem. but I would recommend not driving until you check it in case there is actually no oil pressure even though the damage will have been done already,
  5. That review makes me angry. doing a 1/4 mile with anything that has 3:08's in it is just plain stupid as that truck is built for mpg not drag racing. I love my truck as I actually knew how to pick out a truck when looking through options. But I do agree that GM should take a bit of a hit on mpg tune the vehicles a bit more aggressively dump the stupid tall gears and make 3:73's available as a choice not part of some stupid "max" package. MT can f off lol
  6. Hey guys for those of you that have been wondering about fitting a new gen rear bumper on to a 07-13 Silverado It does indeed fit perfectly. the mount holes all align and the bumper fits the body quite well. I work in a GM dealer bodyshop and have been thinking about trying this for some time and had to wait until the day arrived I had bumpers off of both gen trucks at the same time. a complete bumper kit is available from gm but keep in mind some modification will need to be made to the license plate harness as the plug is different. your old backup sensors may work the mount holes look similar as well. The only other thing I should point out is that the hitch no longer mounts under the center of the bumper as the 14 no longer uses the hitch bar reinforcement. all that is under the 14 bumper is the hitch itself. This should not affect the strength of the hitch as it seems it was more of a support for the bumper assembly itself as the last gen was a lot more flimsy. hit me up with any questions or if you want other pics.
  7. heres my addition to the list. If you guys are painting chrome bumpers make sure the chrome is sanded until its grey. use a really good acid etch primer/acid wipe rag (from a gun not spray bomb) sealer then base. if you just use sealer it will peal. on the plastic chrome I have heard that soaking headlight bezels and the grille in bleach will lift the chrome from the plastic. I haven't actually tested this yet once I get a high country grille I am going to spray the bezels and grille. (currently plasti dipped).
  8. if it was a demo I believe warranty wouldn't start until it is sold because the dealer maintains ownership and it hasn't been registered. I know some of these trucks were actually bought back by the dealers with problems that couldn't be resolved shortly after the 14s started rolling out. Check service history, If there is history of unresolved problems the truck is used and the salesman deceived you into believing it is new
  9. No the headlamp come as an assembly with the bezel and all. for the lens to crack it must have taken a pretty solid whack, usually the housing breaks before the lens does. Is it a mfg defect? post a pic
  10. sounds like an afm lifter cams probably hooped to at this point. my max did the same thing.
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