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  1. Hard to believe its been 5 yrs since I asked that this poll be set up. What's harder to believe is, this issue is still going strong. I understand brand loyalty. I have owned Chevys all my life. But, that loyalty supposed to go both ways. Without customers you have no business. The 5.3 AFM should have been dropped, instead GM is counting on customers looking the other way. I meet people every day with NB Silverados, that when I ask if they are using oil, 7 out of 10 say yes and don't know what's going on till I tell them. Me, I took advice from a member here and got rid of the problem, an 07 NB that I had to go thru hades to get fixed. My 06 non AFM Silvy uses no oil.
  2. Finish a consumption test before 100k, then it is on record that u have an oil burner. Contact GM and get a service request number. Once you establish that consumption is excessive, demand the cover,all 8 pistons and rings be replaced. I would never have agreed to anything but a single breakdown, and that is what I received at no charge. Customer service was in contact with my dealer the whole time.
  3. See post #445. Study it carefully. The answer to all you guys problems is there. Valve cover, pistons and rings is the fix.
  4. Thought I would drop back in for a spell. I see there are more guys trickling in on the oil usage thread.The fix is rings, pistons and valve cover. I had to pay for new plugs. Although the dealer done a good job on mine, it still gave me unease to know my engine had been broken down.
  5. DataSponge, I hear you. Worked my truck every day. Oil consumption was about par with yours. Then one 250 mile trip, she almost drank the crankcase dry. If I hadn't been keeping a close eye, it would have ruined the engine. Chevy did fix it, after the hassle of going thru the motions. Better take time to get the consumption test. At least you'll have paperwork if it goes south fast. Hope they give you a decent trade value, because the problem is getting well known. I sold my NB style Chevy and got a good deal on a pre 07 low mileage one. She don't use a drop.
  6. If you can live with it, then thats great, but there's nothing normal about using that much oil. At the price we pay for new vehicles, they should last till 300k with good maintenence. Just my opinion.
  7. Hey guys. Haven't logged on for a while but I have read the posts. Wow 300 + posts. Glad GM is stepping up and helping out our fellow consumers. While I still enjoy my Silvy, I'm going to sell before it hits 30k on the rebuild job. Just don't trust AFM to not start using oil again. I will not buy another GM product if it has AFM. If I find someone I trust not to lie, with a Silvy for sale, then maybe I'll buy a used one then. There's gonna be a lot more traffic to this site and a few others. All you gotta do is google 5.3 and all links lead here.
  8. Frank. Take it back in and have them remove the excess oil or your consumption test will be wrong.I had the same problem with first test.Manual says 6qts but it don't hold that much.
  9. Update: Just hit 1000 miles since the piston/ring job. Oil is right where it was when I picked the truck up.Full. It is also a clean honey color still. Before the job it was dirty after 500 miles at oil change. So far so good.
  10. I am really happy to see anyone with no oil consumption trouble. But until anyone sees their 30k+ truck with the heads jerked off, they will never understand the feeling. Kudos to Gm for stepping up and fixing those of us with the lemons. i vote die AFM.
  11. Yeah, I saw the heads off and some shiny new pistons. Anyway, I've put 300k so far and no consumption. By now, after an oil change the oil would have already turned color. Checked it today and it was still honey colored.
  12. They charged me 80 bucks for plugs. Said mine were in good shape and GM wouldn't pay for them. Can't figure out how the rings were stuck from carbon but the plugs were fine. did you get it back in piece?, how's she run? The job only took 3 days. Can't tell any difference in power. The AFM is more pronounced when it kicks in, for some reason. Sounds like a small air compressor under the hood. Could be just a vibration. Have only put a couple hundred miles on it so far, so I can't comment on the oil issue just yet.
  13. Any one else that had the piston and ring job, get plugs included?
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