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  1. Guess I should have completed this....Yep the crowbar did the trick. Just had to jack the front-end a bit more for leverage. In hindsight it was it went well. Thanks all for the input!
  2. How do people do it? It's my main transport, I don't want to Oxy it yet but I will do it if needed. Heat shield dropped/dirt & stones in the loose/open pan, So no option but to drop the pan. It's getting a bit stupid. Do to this shifter placement.
  3. Thx for the advice. But my best/biggest won't grab around the shaft+linkage plate. I tried prying it over, It's one tough piece of steel.
  4. Doing my Trans filter change on my '02. Using this site as an aid. http://www.gmfullsize.com/forum/showthread.php?t=179148 Most thing went well until I needed too remove the shifter bracket. Can't remove the torx bolts do to the 4x4 driveshaft in the way but not giving way. I'm now near the point to use oxy/acect... on the bracket to twist it out of way. Anyone got opinions/options before I go too the heat?
  5. Ouch... Now it's a truck! Don't down yourself too much. If it makes you feel better I did something like that too my passenger door 9 mo. after buying it new. Did some 4 wheeling in KY, got stuck, wife got out to view a clear path in reverse. (She left the door open for conversations) Low and behold up a rock and down on a tall small stump. Hung the door up right in the middle/bottom. No real damage. But why does she complain about wind noise from the door top gasket??? The truck weight straighten the curvature of the door a bit. Said too her "Now it's a Truck"
  6. Yup! Radio. Had 2 GMC trucks kiss their OnStar goodbye! My 2002 being one of them. Only one woman I know demands onStar so if she lets her truck sit I showed her which fuse to remove. The draw I've seen in the circuit has been around 2.3 amps.
  7. I hope I'm not reviving a too old topic. But for me my 2002 GMC z71 had a 2.5 amp draw from the radio fuse circuit. New battery dead in 3 days! Was a junky radio so I replaced it w/ Dual xdm6350 in 12-2010. No issues at all. Now my wife's 2004 GMC has developed the same problem - dead battery. Charger it up but charger never went to full for days showed 2.4 amps draw. Found the same radio circuit drawing 2.5 amps as my 2002. Fuse pulled for now. Her battery is only a year old. But she uses OnStar now is disabled. Question are you finding the stock radios going bad? I don't care for OnStar, but she likes it. Any aftermarket radios compatibly with OnStar?
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    2002 GMC
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