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Community Answers

  1. The NHTSA are the ones that mandated that the display be full bright in RVC mode
  2. To me worse than the over use of whatever sealer is gooped all over everything is that bolt with a few extra "spacers" (nuts) on it.
  3. There are 1500 crews in the lot as well right now
  4. Flint, Mi, about 5 miles down the road from where I was born. Drove by the Flint plant about 2 hours ago on my way to work, the back lot is full of new truck waiting to ship
  5. The SD would probably work, but good chance you will lose CarPlay or Android Auto function. The SD card was removed from 16 MY so installing one you most likely will have functional issues
  6. No, the reason this happened is due to the earthquake that happened in Japan, which is where the HMI is built. GM can not get any of the HMI's with AA/CarPlay currently. No conspiracy, take off the tin hats boys
  7. While mine is a different animal, I have an 04 with 6.0 and a 4L80 trans. While towing my 33' TT (8700-9000lbs going down the road) in temps around middle 80's I saw trans temps staying 190-200° a few longer grades with a head wind I did get to 205°
  8. I started out with the regular mirror's towing my 33' TT, I towed it about 11 miles to the RV dealer and bought a set of mirror extensions. I did not like not being able to see behind me at all. My new truck I ordered actual tow mirrors as soon as I got home from the dealer
  9. I just installed a set on my 04 2500 in January, simply because I like the look. The kits do not come with a template or anything so I measured about 50 times, chickened out, measured a few more times, took a deep breath and started drilling. So far no leaks. Prepped the holes with a corrosion stopping paint and silicone the crap out of the holes
  10. Max D wasn't even at Ford Field, Dennis Anderson wasn't in Digger either. It was an OK show. Freestyle was lame until Ryan Anderson tore the place up in Sonova Digger
  11. For some reason 9.2.1 took care of it for me, hearing it is not taking care of it for most. Apple says 9.3 will correct the Bluetooth issue
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