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  1. Believe I will go with the style that mounts on top of cab for a few different reasons. I'd prefer the ladder rack version for the bed, but we occasionally haul longer canoes as well. When mounted upside down, the front of a canoe will rest on or very close to the top of the cab due to the taller nose verses a kayak. I do haul them a short distance with the tailgate down and just strapped in the bed. A lot of our trips are a few hours away and most trucks I've seen that have been driven with the tailgate down end up with several chips due to rocks and such coming from the highways. My old truck- no big deal. My new truck- kinda of a big deal. Plus I need the bed space for all the camping gear, dog box, and other stuff.
  2. Thanks for replies so far. Tried the Thule rack for the bed, but our truck beds under the rail are designed different now and not much room for clamps, especially with factory bed lights. Really wanted bed rack to work because it seemed easy to remove and wouldn't damage truck. Not wanting anything permanent. Trac Rac may work, going to give it a look. Cab mounted tower racks don't bother me if they don't damage the top. Looks like the clips on these models actually have to go into the cab under the top of door.
  3. Anyone recommend the best system for transporting canoes or fishing kayaks? Will be going on '14 CC short bed 4wd. Any reason to use top of cab version or truck bed rack version? For those that use the towers that mount to the cab, do they cause damage in any way?
  4. Quick google search for gm part 22858052 pulled up several results and pics of these decals. Need to learn how to post pics, I hate when pics aren't included with items. Tried to link to item but didn't work. These are the 4x4 only decals, not Z71. Happy to send phone pics to anyone interested.
  5. Not sure link is working. These are the 4x4 factory stickers that go on each side of the bed for those that don't want to look up part number. Are these priced wrong, or just no interest? Make me a fair offer and they are yours. I obviously have no need for these.
  6. Wow. Thanks for the info. I've had two problems with the mylink screen within the first 5k miles of ownership. First problem was - service rear camera, second problem was a scrambled looking screen. Both times the audio still worked and could be changed through DIC screen only. Both problems went away and back to normal after cycling ignition key. Until reading about your issue, I hadn't realized that both of my issues came about either right after or during rain showers. Coincidence??? Interested to see how your problems are resolved.
  7. Purchased as factory option on new truck, decided not to install. Decals are still packaged NIB. http://www.gmpartsdirect.com/results.cfm Part # 22858052 $50 shipped
  8. You must have installed the Loadlifter 5000 bags (part# 57204). I just went with the Ride Control bags (part# 59565). These bags do not install the same way as the Loadlifters. Looks like Loadlifters mount inside of frame rails while Ride Controls mount outside of rails (did not require removal of jounce bumper). Not sure of differences in each system. Probably weight rating. I've yet to come across a towing or hauling situation the Ride Controls would not handle easily. All the different manufactures are probably producing a decent bag system. After using them for 4+ years, I can't imagine ever having a truck without an air bag set-up.
  9. Big fan of the Air Lift brand bags. Removed from my 11' and just installed on new 14' (same part #). Really annoying having your lights coon hunting in the trees any time you haul or tow something of significant weight. I didn't connect the two bags to a common air valve. I like being able to control each side individually. I just keep a small cig plug in compressor in the truck for tire and airbag situations. Very easy to install, and required no trimming of the new style wheel well liners.
  10. Does anyone have any experience or an opinion on the clear film for the front windshield? Accessory shop installs LLumar film exclusively. They claim 99% reduction in UV rays and 50% reduction in heat. Have also heard claims that the ceramics used in the film could reduce cell phone reception. True? With a black interior in a hot climate, this is something I'm seriously considering for the heat reduction and also to possibly save my dash and leather seats from excessive sun exposure.
  11. Anyone know if a matching rail cover is available for the bulkhead portion of the bed? GM did a good job with the sides and back - wish they would have finished it all the way around. Noticed most tonneau covers are not sealing in the front also without added weatherstripping. Factory part or close matching aftermarket would work fine. Anyone that loads ATVs knows this area is the first place that gets banged up.
  12. I agree. Sharp truck for sure. It will be hard to get a true number for mpg without recalibrating the speedometer to the new tire height. I've got the same lift on a 6.2 w/3.73 gears. My 275/65/20 tires are 34in tall compared to I believe 32in stockers that were on originally. (No rub by the way) I will never know the correct MPH, MPG, or true miles on odometer without the correction. Dealership had no interest in messing with the computer. Actually told me it wasn't possible and would need to go aftermarket tuner. Would love to know if that's true and if anyone has been able to get their dealer to adjust for them.
  13. I mentioned earlier the Aries didn't have as much coverage as weathertechs. What I should have said was the Aries are not as tall on the front mats. The actual floor area coverage is about the same, maybe more with the Aries. Just not as tall around the edges.
  14. Ordered black for a black/black interior. Trimming may be an option. Never thought to take a closer look at seeing if that would work. I just set the front passenger side mat in and slid the rear mat in when I noticed they were too wide. I haven't returned them yet. I'll take a second look.
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