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  1. just purchased a 1986 custom c10 that is all stock. has the 305 engine. the vacuum lines are a mess with several broken lines. the a.i.r. pump is physically connected, but no belt running on it and the vacuum line i believe to be going to the diverter valve is plugged. runs ok, but would like to tidy things up and block off some of the vacuum lines that may or may not be leaking. Any thoughts on removing the air pump and plugging exhaust holes with pipe plugs? If so, what size plugs do I need?
  2. turned out to be a short in the passenger power seat. was told it would be $800 to repair.....so i just had it unplugged. can these motors be rebuilt?
  3. but what would keep going with key off?
  4. have a 2004 z71 with 5.3 engine. yesterday i got up to a dead battery(only 6 months old). carried it to advance auto, they checked it, charged it, and everything checked out. this am it was weak again. drove vehicle there and they checked everything again. battery, starter, alternator all checked fine. did notice that even with key out there is a clicking noise on the passenger side of the engine compartment. would really appreciate any ideas!
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