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  1. So my heated seats are starting to not work properly. They will turn on, and just about when they start to get warm, they will shut off. And after it is warm, it won't stay on even if I keep trying to turn it on. Also, the seats will shut off more quickly if I try to have both front seats going at the same time. Is this my elements going out, or is this a more centralized issue like a ground problem or surge protection of some kind? Any ideas? Oh and the truck is a 2006 silverado 1500 hd LT
  2. Another question......do all of these options fit in the factory location without modification, and is there any change to belt length or size?
  3. My opinion is I would think it would look silly with a light hoop and that sweet bumper. I would just mount straight to the top of the bumper. If you are worried about the lights being damaged during any off road excursions, you could add a hoop going over top of the lights to surround them and a step beyond that would be to add a mesh in front of the lights.
  4. Just an update. Still no refund as I was promised by Mike Letcher. Also, no return phone call or text message. This may be one of the top 3 worst customer service experiences/ business ethics experiences I have ever dealt with. Bad Form.........
  5. HELLA H12560021 Rallye 4000 Series 12V/100W Halogen Euro Beam Lamp - Black Housing I paid $113.61 ea on Amazon. Wiring kit was $55. So right there I am just shy of $300. These are tried and true lights though. You get what you pay for. So an LED bar for $250 is around the same price. Thatst he first one I have seen around that price that someone had a positive review of. Most in that price range are junk and the good ones in that size are $400+ If that is over your budget right now, then I would wait and save a little bit more and get something that will last and be able to light up the road.
  6. Mine are gonna be the hella rally 4000. I think they are 100 watt. I'm not too worried about it. I live in Alaska so temperature is low most of the year. There are a ton of people that run lights behind the grill up here on these models. Another LED light bar that I just found out about this weekend is Seward off-road lights. A buddy of mine has a 20" on his jeep. He has been running it for a while now with no complaints.
  7. If you were doing low speed off-roading, you could probably find some way, or put a tube in, but I wouldn't do it on road and certainly not if my family would be riding in there. It's not worth saving a couple bucks at the expense of your family's safety.
  8. I'm currently working on this as well, just haven't had the time to work on it. I'm putting 2 hella rally lights behind the grill. I'm going to mount a plate about the same level as the top of the bumper using those 2 holes central on the bumper as my front mounting point. I'm going to make 2 L brackets to drop down off where each side bolt is for the transmission cooler is as my back mounting points. I have my template made for this plate, but haven't had the time to transfer it to the sheet metal yet. I purchased the wiring kit also and am going to mount the switch where the cigarette lighter outlet is. I never use that outlet, so I'm just gonna get rid of it. I still have a few logistics to figure out, but that is where I am at so far.
  9. Also, I have in open empty areas gotten on it to see now the tires perform on the ice and the slide was very predictable in auto 4wd and full time 4wheel drive.
  10. I've been running duratracs year round for just over 3 years now. They have been fantastic. I did notice a slight drop in mpg, but less than 1 mpg drop on average. If you are looking strictly as a mileage tire then there are better options, but this tire is all around a great tire. I live in Alaska and it has performed well in everything from dry pavement, rain, deep snow, light snow, ice, gravel, mud, etc. the only terrain that I have to be a little more careful on is the smooth ice. Although unless you are running studs or chains, there are no good tires for ice. As long as I use common sense when it is icy, I have never lost control of my truck.
  11. Any other options out there as well, or is this what everyone recommends? Just seeing what all is out there.
  12. I think 200A would be a decent jump. I looked at that sight and it looks like the smallest alternator they have for my truck is 270A. I think that would be way more than I would ever need. Also this is my daily driver, it doesn't have to be dressed up or anything, just function great. So unless the pretty ones end up being cheaper, it's not something I would spend the extra money for, just need the reliability and functionality of a higher output alternator.
  13. I am looking to upgrade my alternator. I believe mine is the original with over 100,000 miles on it, so I am trying to be pro active and figure out what the replacement will be. First, how do I figure out the amperage on the existing one? I want to increase the output slightly. I am not putting a big stereo system, or massive electronics in, however I am adding some off-road lights and a few other odds and ends down the road. What are some good upgrade options out there for a good price, direct replacement? I have a 2006 silverado 1500 hd LT 4x4 crew cab with the 6.0L
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