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  1. intake, exhaust, & tune tips

    You are going get people telling you cold air kits do nothing even though there is proof to the contrary out there, you know how the internet is. I have a Cold Air Inductions kit and really like it but there are others out there that are cheaper. The exhaust is a different story. The only cat-back system I have heard of that retains the flapper is from Borla. I have read that the v4 mode does not show much improvement in mileage over V8 mode if you drive like you have common sense. If you want to retain the flap, I would just upgrade the muffler (Magnaflow, Borla, Flowmaster) and remove the resonator. You can get a handheld tuner to make modest improvements, which sounds like what you are looking for, as well as read and clear DTCs, disable AFM, adjust speedo for bigger tires and such. If you decide you want more, Intune and others offer mail order tunes for handhelds or companies like Black bear will build a custom mail-order tune for a little more. You also can get dyno tuned, which in my opinion is overkill for basic bolt on mods but you do you. It really all depends on how much you want to spend. Now someone will post here telling you not to waist your money because it is all BS and it does nothing. Although it is nice to know people care about how you spend your money.
  2. The CAI kit took in air from the same location as the stock box but it had a larger opening as well as the larger smooth air duct and high flow filter.
  3. I have 1 on my 2016 5.3 and had 1 on my 08 TBSS and loved it on both vehicles. Not sure what quality issues you had but I have absolutely no complaints. I can't put any hard #s as to how much of an increase it provides but I have seen enough articles to believe it helps plus it looks a 100 times better than the stock setup. Like i stated earlier, some people apparently want 1 hp per dollar they spend and that is just ridiculous!
  4. The truck is still trying to maintain the same AFR. Cooler/denser air means more fuel can be added to maintain the same ratio, which means more power. Yes, to get the most benefit out of almost any mod a tune is required but if you were going to add....lets say headers in a few months, I would wait and tune it once I had finished. There are always a handful of people telling everyone else what is a waste of their money. I know many people feel the factory stereo is more than sufficient, I happen to disagree with that...does that mean I wasted MY money upgrading the stereo. Nope.
  5. Any chance you still have the part # for the kit? The one I see online is for trucks with aluminum A-arms and I have steel.
  6. I'm not far from you, where did you get the belltech kit and who did you use for the install?
  7. Those are the only videos i have found to. That's why I was asking about a replacement block not retrofitting s stock piece
  8. I'll check it out. Thanks
  9. I must have been searching all wrong. Thanks
  10. Does anyone make the bypass block without the thermostat? I have seen online how you can modify the bypass to have it flow constantly through the cooler but I would rather buy one built to not bypass.
  11. Harvey The Hurricane Truck Build

    Im not looking for max power but I do want something that is going to give me years of reliable power. Trigger Man, Right now, an E85 conversion is not in the budget but I may consider meth.
  12. Harvey The Hurricane Truck Build

    I will be interested in hearing your opinions on the Whipple after a few hundred miles. I am looking to pull the trigger on a supercharger after the beginning of the year. I am kind of leaning towards a Maggie even though I think the Whipple looks better and supposedly makes more power. I am a little concerned with the heat soak, I live in Phoenix. I am not looking for max power, just a fun daily driver. I haven't been able to find anyone that has put a large number of miles on one yet and I am looking for reliability. The Magnuson runs the same internals as the ones on the CTS V and ZR1 so I have to imagine those are good for upwards of 100k with proper maintenance.
  13. So many people on forums like to say any mods automatically void all warranties. I too have modded vehicles and not had any issues with non-related warranty items. My 2016 truck has a tune amongst other things and my dealership is aware of it. Service manager told me GM doesn't even have them check for anything like that unless there is a catastrophic failure. Then GM doesn't look for an aftermarket tune, they look to see if the engine/transmission was operating within normal parameters at the time of the failure. Side note... Love the hood on your SS Rich! I miss my 08.

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