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  1. Are you still running the deal for a free controller with the purchase of a TB?
  2. My truck and Camaro are both port injected and have catch cans on them.
  3. I have one on my truck and my 18 ZL1 and have no issues at the dealership.
  4. So I have been putting off further investigation hoping to get by until it cools down but I noticed a gas smell yesterday when I got out of the truck. I couldn't see any signs of a leak under the hood or any obvious leaks under the truck, so I took it into the dealership. Turns out there is a nipple on the pump leaking and they have seen it on a few city/police trucks as well. So apparently this is not an isolated incident.
  5. The truck sat in the parking lot for 11 hrs at work yesterday and didn't do it. This morning i turned the key on for 5 seconds or so before trying to start it, to allow the the pump to build pressure and it did not do it. Maybe it is loosing pressure. I will jump in and start it tomorrow morning and see what it is does.
  6. Unfortunately I don't have a scan tool. I was thinking maybe fuel pressure to, ill see if it does it after sitting at work for 10 hrs today. Not sure why i would start loosing fuel pressure all of a sudden. Truck only has 22k on it.
  7. lately my truck has been slow to start, primarily first thing in the am, at other times its fine. The starter seems to turn over at regular speed but actually turns over what seems like 5 seconds or more before starting. I had O'Reilly check the battery and they said it was good. Any ideas? Thanks.
  8. Looking forward to the #s. Nice build.
  9. No, sorry not the best pic but I don't feel like rolling underneath it right now.
  10. I just ran new pipe from the XR1 back, plus I wanted a different tip anyways.
  11. Cold Air Inductions, those #s seem a little optimistic but I really like mine. You will be getting a lot of responses soon from people who either say they do nothing or are concerned about you wasting your money (love those people). At the end of the day, its your money....mod how you want and enjoy your truck. Rant over.
  12. Nic D is the go-to-guy in the Phoenix area, I believe his email is [email protected] but I am not 100% sure. He used to freelance a lot but I know he tunes for Cordes Performance, so you could start there.
  13. For a daily driver that will never see the track, I don't need that much shock. Just looking for a little softer ride.
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