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  1. I'm not far from you, where did you get the belltech kit and who did you use for the install?
  2. Those are the only videos i have found to. That's why I was asking about a replacement block not retrofitting s stock piece
  3. I'll check it out. Thanks
  4. I must have been searching all wrong. Thanks
  5. Does anyone make the bypass block without the thermostat? I have seen online how you can modify the bypass to have it flow constantly through the cooler but I would rather buy one built to not bypass.
  6. Harvey The Hurricane Truck Build

    Im not looking for max power but I do want something that is going to give me years of reliable power. Trigger Man, Right now, an E85 conversion is not in the budget but I may consider meth.
  7. Harvey The Hurricane Truck Build

    I will be interested in hearing your opinions on the Whipple after a few hundred miles. I am looking to pull the trigger on a supercharger after the beginning of the year. I am kind of leaning towards a Maggie even though I think the Whipple looks better and supposedly makes more power. I am a little concerned with the heat soak, I live in Phoenix. I am not looking for max power, just a fun daily driver. I haven't been able to find anyone that has put a large number of miles on one yet and I am looking for reliability. The Magnuson runs the same internals as the ones on the CTS V and ZR1 so I have to imagine those are good for upwards of 100k with proper maintenance.
  8. So many people on forums like to say any mods automatically void all warranties. I too have modded vehicles and not had any issues with non-related warranty items. My 2016 truck has a tune amongst other things and my dealership is aware of it. Service manager told me GM doesn't even have them check for anything like that unless there is a catastrophic failure. Then GM doesn't look for an aftermarket tune, they look to see if the engine/transmission was operating within normal parameters at the time of the failure. Side note... Love the hood on your SS Rich! I miss my 08.
  9. Cold air intake

    Cold Air Inductions, this is my second truck with one. Can't beat the quality.
  10. Tuning a 5.3

    It depends on the dealership you use as well. I spoke to mine before tuning mine and was told the only time they would even check is if there was a catastrophic engine/transmission failure. They said GM checks to see if the vehicle was running outside of normal specs at the time of the failure. I would think any reputable tuner would not tune it to run on the ragged edge. I thought I read on hear (may have been on another truck forum) that even disconnecting the battery cycles the flash counter, someone else can chime in on that.
  11. Borla XR-1 questions?

    I went with the 3 in round, but they necked it down to 2 1/2 about 10 in paat the muffler.
  12. Borla XR-1 questions?

    I'm running the XR1 and deleted the flapper and resonator and couldn't be happier.
  13. K2 Diablo Tune

    No problem.
  14. K2 Diablo Tune

    Yes, thats what I am currently doing.

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