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  1. I have a 2018 LT and my buddy has a 2018 WT custom. The custom type of radio can pick up the 300's but the LT radios do not. We have the same level of XM subscription. I have told many of my customers this. - Former Chevy sales consultant
  2. WOW. I just have to say those are the best 20" rims I have ever seen and I hate 20".
  3. Best Mod out there for sure! Love mine. A little off topic but I am pretty surprised at your 14.7MPG. I thought those 6's did a little better?
  4. 2011 5.3L 4X4 3.42 6 speed tranny 285/70/17 ( 2 sizes bigger than stock or 32.9) Air Raid Cold Air intake 17.8 MPG All in town. What I have figured out that if I stay exactly at 40MPH on my way to work my truck will go into 4 cylinder mode and sit at 1000RPM. I am very happy with the mileage. I didnt have the speedo corrected for the dealer wanted $100 so I dont think its off that much.
  5. Are you guys still using car domain, can't get it to work?
  6. I got power locks on my W/T (GMC) but the power windows itself was an extra $900 so when I ordered it i just decided to stick with the old fashioned way, one less thing to go wrong.
  7. Kettering, just south of Dayton.
  8. Looks good. Where did you get the rims from? I am currently looking for the same rims..and have been for a month or so. I've found a couple fair deals, but keep hoping that if I hold out I will find an even better deal. I got the rims from a local place, $115.00 a piece.
  9. Truck is just the way I want it, got the Z71 rims and the windows tinted.
  10. 2011 Sierra, 5.3 4X4. Bone stock but its not finished yet, just got her.
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