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  1. Been a while since I've signed in here. Hope everyone is doing good. In my search for Marcus GM card issues this topic populated so had to put in my 2 cents. I've had the GM card since October of 1992 ... year it was introduced. GM managed it through GMAC. It was then awarded to HSBC which had it for about 10 years then, was awarded to Capitol One. Life was great until they awarded to Goldman Sucks now the Marcus GM card. I had a long standing excellent payment history and positive experiences with Capitol One. Even during the transition between HSBC and Capitol One, it was seamless. Statements were always received on time, Capitol One had a grace period on the due date and allowed you to have a spare card in the event there was a problem with your card so you would have back up. It was great. Right off the bat with Marcus, not getting statements in a timely manner. Getting charged fees and interest saying payment was late. I started taking mail to the post office, having them date stamped right there and taking a photo before the post office took it away. Most of the specialist that handle the phone calls from customers at Marcus have no business representing any company talking to a customer on the phone. Some have only been with Marcus for a couple of months. It is the worst and has effected my credit score. I have reached out to GM 4 different times. There is no part of GM's organization that can assist. The rewards center people say, "We cannot do anything as the bank has the responsibility of managing the accounts, we just administer the rewards". Telling them it's the GM card not the Marcus card and that Marcus does not sell vehicles, saying they are going to loose me as a customer after 30 years. They don't care. There were 3-4 million accounts transitioned from Capitol One I believe. Aggravated ... and cannot get any assistance from GM. There are a lot of complaints on the BBB website.
  2. Wanted to follow up here. Defective sensor ......... replaced with a new sensor, same brand, works fine. The defective sensor had a short at the point of attachment to the wheel bearing hub flange. Tested the sensor harness in the electronics lab at work. Funny that it never pulled any codes while it was installed, yet it was malfunctioning, nor did I get a light. Thank you for reading.
  3. The RH front wheel bearing was shot @ 150k on my 99 K2500 4x4. Easy task to replace, just time consuming. Using all the correct tools and torque specs as well as care to clean surfaces prior to reassembly. Having installed a new Driveworks wheel bearing hub assembly (Advnced Auto Parts), my ABS now activates once my speed drops between 15 & 10 mph regardless of road surface or using the brakes. It does the same in reverse. The ABS does work correctly at various speeds. Is this something that can occur with an assembly like this in the event the sensor is not manufactured correctly? I will be trying a replacement sensor / harness this weekend and if that does not work then the wheel bearing hub assembly will be replaced. Any experience with symptoms like this? Thank you SAE09
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